Monday, May 10, 2010

Queen Regina Synchronicity

Last night, I posted the following item on my blog Snarly Skepticism. The piece was about a dream I had; I was a psychic performer, appearing in Vegas, under the name Queen Regina, and wearing sequins. The thing was, while it was a lot of tricks and glitz, the psychic part was real. Underneath the patter and manipulations of audience and "victim" on-stage, was an honest, authentic, and all too real psychic knowledge. One of the main points of the dream seemed to be that people can't hear the real stuff unless it's presented as almost a joke; entertainment at least. As I wrote:
Despite the carnival aspect of all this (after all, I really do come from circus folk) it turns out I am a very good psychic.
In the dream I have to buy something full of sequins to wear; I find a great wide multi-colored sequined belt that I wear with black.

So that was the dream. Today I received in the mail, absolutely unexpectedly and just as a nice surprise, a gift from my cousin. We met a few times when we were kids, but had no idea each other was around, until she found me on-line via some geneology thing. I was looking up information about my grandparents, who literally were circus folk (as was my dad and uncle) as well as vaudville performers. My grandmother, for example, was one of the Gladstone Sisters.

My cousin had sent me a sequined top that belonged to my grandmother. It's not multicolored, or, I assume, not associated with the circus, but it's still a bit of neat synchronicity!


Deirdre said...

"Queen Regina"

That's classic!

Oh, and cute top!

dia sobin said...

A pretty neat synchronicity - thanks for the story!
And, oh yeah, the top is gorgeous! :-)