Sunday, May 30, 2010

Getting Stoned

I have always been kind of obsessed with stones.  As a kid, when we went camping or to the mountains, most of my time was spent looking for fossils and other cool rocks.  At one point I had quite a collection.  Even now I am always looking for nice stones if I am somewhere that I think I may find some.

Another part, actually a big part, of my stone obsession is jewelry.  Although, I often joke that I will wear anything sparkly (not really a joke), I also like opaque stones just as much.

So given that you would think that my love of stones and jewelry would have led me to get into some of the esoteric aspects of stones, but up until now it really hadn’t.  I guess, I just hadn’t put much thought into them since most of my esoteric thought goes into more UFO related subjects.  Although, I do dabble with dowsing, most of my esotericness goes towards UFOs.

So a couple weeks ago, I didn’t make the local UFO meeting, but I met up with everyone at Applebees afterward.  Across from me sat Mary, her daughter Hannah and one of Hannah’s friends from Herbalism school (can’t remember her name).  Sometime during our chatting, Hannah started explaining her jewelry and why she was wearing each stone and what it was suppose to be good for and I found myself totally fascinated.   I first met Hannah a couple years ago at one of our first group meetings, she was only 16 years old then.  I believe she is now 18, but she is far smarter than a mere 18 years.  I always find myself amazed by her.

Anyway, I found myself so interested that I actually bought a book on Amazon, The Crystal Bible, by Judy Hall.  Which came in the mail yesterday and turned out to be a really great book, but it didn’t have all the stones I sometimes wear in it, so now I will have to order The Crystal Bible 2

When I went through my jewelry I noticed there were certain stones that I have a lot more of - moonstones, amber, purple and green jade.  Not sure if that is because I was more attracted to those stones or there is just more jewelry made with those, even though I do love all of those I think it is more of the latter.

I found myself at ebay looking at jewelry, but what really caught my attention was a moonstone pendulum and I ended up buying it, even though I have always used copper for dowsing.  I also found some really cool orgone pendants and I will probably eventually buy one of those.  They are suppose to protect from EMF.

When I have experimented with this for a while I will report back on the results.  There was also one more kind of stone synchronicity that I was going to mention, but I think I will save it for another day.


Regan Lee said...

Lesley, I didn't know you did dowsing! I've been doing that for awhile now as well. I have rods and two pendulums. I love stones and crystals and have quite a collection of jewelry from rings to pendants of all kinds. I find that certain stones at certain times "call" to me; then there are stones that I've always been attracted to, like amber, turquoise, and amethyst. I've had some pretty interesting experiences using some kinds of stones during meditation. There's something powerful, as well as asthetic and soothing, about stones.

Like you, I'm always looking for stones while out on walks, especially on the beach or in the woods.

I think Daniele here would be a good person to connect with as to use of stones and crystals, maybe Anya as well.

Dia Sobin (Araqinta) said...

Here's a great gem site I found recently, specifically the moonstone page. If you love moonstone, see if you can find some labradorite, moonstone's feldspar cousin... it's like something from another world.