Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tina Sena: GOD - In HIs Great Flying Mothership

Tina Sena has a really nice piece up on Binnall of America for her Esoterica column: GOD -- In His Great Flying Mothership. It's weird, because, for some reason, I've been thinking along these same lines, and I don't even know why -- about a connection between the "fallen angels" and aliens and UFOs. But especially about One Source kind of thing. I like what Sena writes here:
But for us here in the west, it's okay to go ghost hunting, ufo hunting, bigfoot hunting and the like and never associate any of these things with one great diversion. Maybe they are all from the same source. Maybe none of it is as weird as we think. Maybe we are just too primitive to get what's going on.

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