Friday, September 19, 2008

Mission From God MIB Syncrhonicity

Someone at work was wearing a great tie today; it had a very MIB like man on it with the words "I'm on a Mission: from God." In light of the previous post on MIBS, angels, God and Christians, I thought it was kind of neat. This person is a very nice and neat person, though definitely a religious Christian, which is fine, it's just funny that I respect this person but don't share his religious views. When I and another employee pointed out how cool his tie was, he mentioned the movie "The Blues Brothers."

I'm just musing along here; incidents like this just go to show that when you know someone personally, and they have views or beliefs that don't mesh with yours, it's not so easy to just mock or say "feh!" --- you can still put their particular beliefs in a file somehow, but thoroughly enjoy the person, etc.

LOL, it's just that when I saw that tie this morning, it just really gave me a big jolt of synchronicity.

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Naomi said...

Very true, very refreshing. People are complex; they are always more than the sum of their ideas. That is why knowing someone personally will tear down the walls that opposing viewpoints would otherwise erect.