Friday, September 12, 2008

The Manifestation Experiment

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to watch “What The Bleep Do We Know” again. I’d seen it before, but it had been quite a while since I first watched it and I felt the need for a lift in my spiritual psyche. I was enjoying the movie profusely and feeling more optimistic once again about human nature and spirituality. A particular scene from the movie especially caught my attention this time. An experiment with water and positive affirmation.

A man named Dr. Masaru Emoto had conducted an enlightening and revealing experiment. He obtained several bottles of distilled water, tested them for quality and control purposes, then proceeded to mark individual bottles with distinct labels or affirmations. Some of the labels said simple words or statements such as “Thank you” and “Peace”. He even had one of the bottles of water blessed by a Buddhist Monk. As well as positive labels, he marked some with negative remarks such as “I hate you.” He left the bottles of water for a period of twenty four hours.

The results were astonishing to say the least. The average and unremarkable water molecule that he had observed through a microscope had manifested into an amazing range of shapes and colors depending on the influence that the water was bestowed. The bottles marked with “Thank you” and “Peace” had transformed the water molecules into distinct crystalline patterns, all beautiful and remarkable. The bottle that had been blessed by the Monk was one of the most extraordinary, the water molecules looked like intricate crystal snowflakes. Most disturbingly, the bottle marked “I hate you” portrayed a distorted color and shape. The color was a putrid greenish yellow and it literally resembled a diseased cellular structure.

As the main character in the show marvelled over these findings, a man turns to her and states cryptically, “Your body is 75% water, just think what your thoughts can do to your body.”
This experiment and statement has haunted me now since I watched the show. It keeps tumbling around in my mind and whenever I catch myself thinking negative thoughts, I quickly try to re-establish a positive frame of mind.

An interesting note as well is that several years ago I decided I wanted a tattoo. Of course I didn’t want just anything just in case I would regret it later on in life, so I decided what better to permanently put on my skin but my daughter’s name. Ironically enough, my daughter’s name happens to be a glorious and wonderful affirmation…Hope.

After watching the movie recently, I thought about the interesting coincidences that happened in my life after I had her name tattooed to my body. My life took a very positive turn after that time frame.

As a result of all of this, I’ve decided to conduct my own little experiment. I thought to myself that if writing these positive affirmations on a bottle of water was so effective, why not write it directly onto myself? So, this morning, I wrote, in permanent ink no less, many positive words on easily concealed parts of my legs. I generally suffer from extreme fatigue, so I wrote the word “Energetic”. I’ve struggled with weight issues not unlike many people in this society, so I wrote “Thin”. Some of the others were, “Inspired”, “Patient” and “Strong”. There are a few more, but, they’re just none of your darn business. :D

Dr. Emoto notes that positive affirmations should be stated in the past or present tense, like a prayer that has already been answered. Who knows, if this type of experiment should prove fruitful beyond all explanation, we may have discovered a new form of cure for many of the self inflicted diseases that plagues our society. Dr. Emoto suggests performing these water affirming experiments for yourself and then drinking the water. I guess I thought I’d take it one step further.

One thing strange I have to say, whether it’s my subconscious working overtime or the pen ink seeping through my skin, within moments of writing these words on my legs, both started to feel very light and felt as thought they were vibrating pleasantly. I woke up this morning with some pretty sore legs from a hard workout yesterday, so the fact that they suddenly don’t hurt is kind of interesting. I also had a headache and was very tired beforehand and I now feel very, very good. Interesting. I’ll keep you updated.

No…I’m not bored…why do you ask? C:


Regan Lee said...

Very interesting post. I saw that film, and the segment about the water stayed with me. This is also a moment of synchronicity, because I've been working a lot lately along these same lines, (like you say, details are none of your business :) and with similar results.

Lesley said...

I haven't seen the film yet, but I plan to.

My friend Debbie is totally obsessed by it, especially the water part.

Danielle Lee said...

I'm really interested in knowing just how many people are totally compelled to write on themselves after this. :D

That was the reaction of my best friend when she read it. She instantly was contemplating what she would write on herself.

It also made me think differently of tattoos and the cultural and spiritual importance of them in ancient times.

richelle said...

I know I'm in the minority but--I could not stand that movie. Maybe I'll take that up in an article or something finally...

Aries said...

"richelle said...
I know I'm in the minority but--I could not stand that movie."

I think you've essentially missed the point of the post. It really had little to do with the movie.

Understanding that movie requires a certain level of awareness so not everyone is going to 'get' the complexity of the underlying message.

If this kind of experiment proves a success, it could be a real breakthrough for anyone with serious ailments caused by subconscious suggestion.

I have a few words in mind that I'd like to write on myself to test the subject.

richelle said...

I didn't miss anything aries, really. I wasn't addressing the point of the post, I was talking about the movie. Of course, that whole 'spiritual oneupsmanship' (you're just not ready for it--it doesn't resonate yet, blah blah) goes right along with what I don't like about the whole popular new age thing. I had no problem 'understanding' that movie. I didn't dislike it because I thought any message contained within was 'out there.' Like I said, I will write about the movie to explain my ideas.

Regan Lee said...

richelle said:
"Of course, that whole 'spiritual oneupsmanship' (you're just not ready for it--it doesn't resonate yet, blah blah) goes right along with what I don't like about the whole popular new age thing."

I agree completely, and that's why I almost always make a disclaimer about my New Agey self; because of that very attitude. Ironically, some of the most snarky, smug, uptight, outright jerky people are ones who into what's very loosely called New Age.

And, I'm sorry, but J.Z. Knight/Ramtha; didn't buy it decades ago, and still don't. But all that's beside the point, because, like other areas, say UFO research or what have you, there will always be the clown shoe element. As long as you're doing what you're doing because it's true for you, everyone else can screw off, lol.

Lesley said...

New agey people can get just as preachy and judgmental as Christian fundies. One of the reasons I never associate with any type of religion because they are all like that, even the ones that claim to not be an actual religion.

One of the reasons I have never read the secret or watched the movie is because there almost seems to be some weird cult that has developed around it. I guess that is what happens when you take ideas and concepts that have been around for eons and put a huge marketing campaign behind them. :-)

Regan Lee said...

The Secret -- nothing new at all there, but, I will say this: it can be very helpful and it's put together in a way that's a useful tool and reminder -- a guide -- to use. But you're right, as with all things, what can spring up around it is something else.

I don't see anything wrong with making money from "new age" or spiritual things, (or UFO stuff or anything) but when some people charge, say, $400 a pop to attend a lecture or workshop or something - that's just greed.

Danielle: don't mean to hijack your post! It's very good, and thank you for sharing your experiences. (I'm still working with mine, and as I said, interesting results!)