Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Utterly Completely Wondrous New Age OOBE

This is going to put my, er, "fans" right over the edge, and might even exasperate a few who otherwise think I'm fairly sane. But the truth is the truth so here we go.

I've been working a lot with various things, some of which I won't go into here, but a lot of meditation, focusing, along with crystal work and so on. Whenever I've done this, it seems to awaken other parts of myself.

The other night I had the most intense, involved, and vivid out of body experience I've ever had. Now, I've had these off and on all my life, and it happened a lot when I was a kid and until I was in my teens. After that, my astral traveling, or OOBEs, occurred only a few times a year, if that. And for the past several years, whenever I felt myself leaving my body, I'd panic, and "slam" back into myself, not getting anywhere at all.

When I start to leave the body, I hear roaring and rushing sounds, sometimes a train like sound, bells clanging, and, for lack of a better term, "angelic voices." Yes, I said it: angelic voices. Whatever.

All right. So last night, I wake up, because I had a sudden pain at the top of my head. I had somehow slammed my head into the metal headboard. I assumed that, in my sleep, I had moved upwards a bit and banged my head. But I found that I wasn't near enough the headboard, (with the pillows behind me and all) to have done that. The moment I had that realization, I started to leave my body, but the "pull" was from my feet this time. I heard that rushing roaring sound, the bells.

And then, I felt a massive pulling at my left foot. Someone was pulling -- hard! -- on my left foot! I had the distinct impression that "it" was saying "All right, you wn't go out that way, let's try this way." At first I was frightened: "What the hell?!" I thought, almost panicking (and feeling very silly for it) "Is there some incubus/demon/alien trying to get at me?" But as soon as I had that thought, I realized -- I knew, -- whatever it was pulling at me was both a part of me, and something outside of myself, and whatever "we" were, was benign. In fact, I suddenly knew, that it was healing me.

I had been working a lot on my left leg. For years I've had chronic -- often severe -- problems with my left foot and ankle. Some days I could barely walk. (The one surgeon I went to said the injuries were too old and nothing could be done.) I also fell a couple of years ago at work and hurt my knee, and that flares up a lot, causing a lot of pain. I can't bend at the knees, due both to just being out of shape and overweight, as well as the injuries. So I've been doing a lot of meditation on that area, a lot of work.

And this pulling from beyond was incredible, the "thing" or being or whatever it was, and I got a distinct sense of power and intelligence, a consciousness, was healing my foot and ankle.

Then things got really interesting.

I "took off" then, racing along, with all that roaring and rushing. I was being propelled rapidly through -- I don't know what it was through, the "grid," the "matrix," . . . Lots of lights and colors, and sounds. Aside from the roaring and bell sounds, I heard static and radio sounds, like someone moving a dial on the radio very fast, trying to settle on a station. It did settle on a "station" -- the song was a 1950s style "Do Wop" song, except it wasn't any real song out there. Think of a movie; and the soundtrack created just for that movie, a recreation. It was like that. There was something funny about the song, and I remember laughing. Then, whoosh, off again and the music started changing, (sometimes there'd be snippets of voices speaking) and some classical music, then beautiful signing, female voices, then the "angelic" voices.

Things started to slow down a little but not much. We "flew" close to some large rocks on the beach; it was misty and vague. I could barely make out the ocean, but I had the sense it (whatever "it" is, or was) was showing me my future home. Or it had something to do with that. (this wouldn't be any great mystery, given that I plan on moving there, I just don't know when.)

During this entire experience the colors were amazing. Everything was astounding. Three things about this are so important: For the first time in a long time, in years, I was able to leave my body without fear and slamming back in, the intensity of the colors and sounds was unlike anything I've experienced (and the images; first time I saw some specific images, no matter how brief, form and unfold) and the length of time, were like no other experience, and the healing of my foot and leg was new, and a true gift.

I don't know what all of this was about, but it was incredible. And I'm very thankful.

image source: public domain, NASA

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Lesley said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful experience and I am jealous.