Thursday, September 18, 2008

Design in Jesus

I received an email from someone who tells me they believe in the MIBs, they're real, and they're misunderstood. The MIBS have never harmed anyone. The MIBS are really archangels (not a new idea) and are here to warn us about the Reptilians. William Bramley's Gods of Eden, puts forth this theory as well; whether or not they're "angels" aliens or what, the MIBS have been around for thousands of years. It's also not clear whether or not they're really here to help us, or what. . . but so far, I was kind of sort of with the emailer's thoughts, until he or she started talking about Jesus and framing the whole thing in a Christian construct. However, that's just me, I'm not at all religious, and certainly not Christian. I still find it very interesting though and so here it is, my mysterious MIB believer emailer's website: Seal of God.

I'm not cynical or dismissing any of this; don't mistake my non-religious views with a non "belief" or acceptance, of non-human beings, including those we call aliens, possibly MIBS, and angels.


Lesley said...

Really? Angels would threaten people with death if they continue to tell their encounter stories? There are certainly plenty of stories where MIBs are sinister. Although nobody has seen an MIB kill anyone, there have been reports of them trying to run people off the road and other situations in which they were threatening.

Regan Lee said...

Bramley talks about that too, the sinister aspect (as many others do) -- like during the plague. I don't understand the whole Christian (or some Christians) belief about UFOs and aliens being negative, evil, of the devil, etc.