Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dimensions of Genesis

Evolution is defined as “the faculty possessed by all substances capable of self-nourishment of manifesting the nutritive acts by changes of form, of volume, or of structure.” The many facets of evolution involve the development and growth of all aspects of existence for a species. Physical, mental, emotional and of course, spiritual.

Many of the realms that exist are beyond human comprehension as our evolutionary advancements have not yet reached it’s peak. There are many dimensions that are not available to use at our discretion as our eyes and souls have not yet ascended to that level.

The lower realms however, are completely and wholly within our line of understanding, though we do not always comprehend their existence. Plants, bugs and animals dwell in a completely different realm than ourselves due to their lower level of consciousness. A plant has no comprehension of love, lust, greed or technology even though it is a living, breathing organism. Their anatomy is vastly different than that of a human beings, but it still maintains a life force and the basic biology of life.



richelle said...

Actually, there is some evidence that plants do posess a comprehension of love and other emotions. And, there's a lot of interesting thought on 'plant consciousness' (largely including visionary plants) that suggest the consciousness might not be of a low form...it's all pretty interesting.

Aries said...

You mean this whole time I could've been charging my philodendren rent!!

And to think...this whole time that tree outside my bedroom window has been watching me get undressed. -shiver-

Thank you Danielle for another very intelligent post.

Danielle Lee said...

Thank you Aries. :D