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Strange Beings I Have Encountered.

My life has been filled with strange events, encounters and people since I was a small child. Besides encounters that I would consider alien in nature I have had experiences with those I have not been able to qualify as human, alien or something else. Three of these happenings stand out in my mind as experiences with the strange and unidentified.

The first event occurred when I was in my early teens. I lived on Long Island New York at the time. It was the mid 60s and most of the Island was still rural small towns minus the crowded areas and malls that it has become today. At that time there were a few big Department stores that we would travel to shop. My mother liked Gertz which was a favorite at the time of many of the mothers. The Gertz we shopped in was located in Bay Shore along the south coast of Long Island.

My mother would visit Gertz about once a month or so to shop for the family. I would usually go along in hopes of talking my mother into buying me something new, as teenage girls do. During our trips to Gertz my mother would often point out an albino family by whispering for me not to stare but look when able at the unusual family also shopping in Gertz. It seemed we would notice this family shopping almost every time we were in the store. My mother would comment on how well dressed the entire family was at all times. I found a family of albino’s extremely odd and could not help watching them as we shopped for bargains at Gertz.

The five members of the albino family all were 6ft or over in height including the mother and daughter. The male members stood between 6ft –3 inches to 6ft- 5 inches. They were extremely tall people. When they walked through the department store they stood a head above most of the other shoppers.

Each of them had thick full pure white hair. They were beautiful people with high cheekbones and straight model like features. Their skin was white – pure white. They all had the same color eyes, which were clear, big, and very light blue. They kept to themselves. They would stay together when they shopped and seemed to be quiet and polite.

Even as a teen I thought about the possibility of two beautiful albino people who looked so much alike in height, looks and facial features meeting and marrying. Although it may be possible I knew the odds had to be nearly impossible. I continued to run into this family when shopping or walking along the main street of the town of Bay Shore for most of my teen years.

Time passed and life moved on. I never forgot this unusual family. Years later while attending college in the late 1970’s I came upon an article that talked about the eye problems that went hand and hand with those who were albino. I also read that the eye color of the typical albino runs towards the pink or reddish tint. I know that there are degrees of the condition which would have a lesser or greater effect on things like eye and skin color (or lack of it) in those with this condition. I could not find anything concerning albino’s who had clear big blue eyes.

I tried to find out if there were blue-eyed albinos or if this oddity could run in an entire family but came up empty handed in my search. I am not qualified to answer the question to the chance of this happening but feel at best it would be a very rare occurrence.

I thought about this family and had to admit that finding two tall beautiful blue-eyed albinos who married and had three tall beautiful blue-eyed children was either an incredible happening or they were not a family of albinos!

Later in life I came upon a site on the Internet that talked about the Tall Whites. While investigating the site I came to an artist’s drawing of the alien species called the Tall Whites. I was stunned as I looked at the same tall people with the same beautiful faces – white hair, blue eyes and high cheek bones as the albino family that use to shop for their clothes and house wares in Gertz department store in Bay Shore , Long Island , New York in the 1960’s.

I will never know if that strange gentle family of tall beautiful people was simply a very rare family of human albinos or if they were a group of entirely different beings?

I often wondered about that family or group of people. I have tried to search a few times to see if I could find some type of information about a family fitting that description but always came up empty handed. Maybe they still live in that area; maybe they split up and moved away to another city, state- or planet!

The next event in my life that brought me to experiencing extreme strangeness occurred when I was 16 years old.

It was a summer night in 1967. I was out with my friends but needed to return to my home at dark to return the car I was driving. My family was out and my house empty. When my friends and I drove up to my house we were met with a strange light show going on by someone in the house turning lights on and off in a frantic display of speed that would be impossible for the average human. It was almost as if the lights inside and out were set on a rapid line something like you see at Christmas time when music is set to outside lights for a holiday display. That was not yet available in 1967. Along with the strange light show we could hear a growling loud howling coming from the house in anger at the fact we would not enter the house.

The police were called and the house searched to find an overpowering putrid smell filling the house, claw marks on the walls, my clothing ripped to shreds in my room and a small chair placed behind my bedroom door with a rope and large knife lying next to it on the floor. The house smelled for days after. The police searched the area and could not find anyone of anything. They did think this thing escaped via a large water pipe tunnel system that ran in front of our street into a state park and then out to the Great South Bay.

This thing returned two weeks later to my neighbor’s house right next door. This family also had teenage girls. The people were in the home at the time. This thing tried to enter the house by ripping a large wooden window frame and all out of the side of the house to reach for one of the girls sitting near the window watching TV. The mother was at home and ran with a shot gun after hearing the window being ripped from the house and fired at the thing reaching in to the house for her daughter. The woman described the thing as a reptile looking fish colored being with a long arm with long claw like fingers. She shot the creature and it took of howling in to the night. Again the police searched but could not find it.

I could not wait to move from that house. The smell and sound of that creature has stayed with me my entire life. I do not know if it was some kind of human or some other type of creature, I just know I never want to come across it again.

I realize people do not believe me when I tell this story. I cannot do a thing about that. I do know this happened and it was one of the events in my life that make me still shake in horror to this day and one that will stay and haunt me until the end of my life.

The last experience with a strange being is not frightening however so different I never forgot about the man.

I was in my late 20s at the time. It was in the 70’s. I was working in New York City at the time.

I was working in research and worked with people from three large universities on a joint project. Pete was one of the people I worked with on a daily basis.

The moment I laid my eyes on Pete I knew he was different – very different.

Pete was a small man. He was slight even frail looking except for large extremely well defined arms. He looked like a typical nerd right down to his pocket protector who spent hours lifting weights. He had thin little legs and wild light colored hair that he wore in an Albert Einstein type disaster. My bet was that the nest on top of his head had never seen a comb.

Pete had the most unusual eyes I have ever seen. They were bright almost as if they were omitting some type of light. They would dazzle anyone talking to him so that you had to look away as keeping eye contact was simply impossible. His eyes would look different all the time ranging from a deep blue all the way to green or grays. They had many different pigments that made one color seem to mix to the next if you did try to look straight at him

Pete told me he was once a lawyer, and an architect and a scientist but now was back in school and would shortly be a medical doctor. Pete had a soft speaking voice and was not only smart he was without question a gifted genius. Pete told me how he finished his first blast through the university system at age 16 and kept going since trying out different things along the way. It seemed Pete could not find one area of interest that would hold his attention for any amount of time. Pete held a law degree, a PhD. in physics and was a licensed architect. Pete was now going to get his medical degree.

Pete had a photogenic memory and could repeat anything he had read or learned in complete detail. Pete was not like the rest of us.

I talked to Pete for hours. He was fascinating. The key was to talk to him one on one in a way he felt comfortable. Pete told me how he had suffered a lifetime of ridicule because of his differences and found it very hard to form friendships. I remarked about his unusual eyes but Pete simply looked away a bit uncomfortable while he explained them as a family trait and nothing more.

During our work time together Pete and I became friends. I will remember Peter for the rest of my life. During our time working together and as friends Pete told me a few startling things.

Pete told me that he could travel outside his body at will. He just blurted this out while we sat on a bench in Central Park drinking coffee and eating muffins during our work break one day.

“I can leave my physical body and travel with my mind to where ever I want to go you know” I just looked at him and mumbled something like “What are you talking about?”

Pete then told me that he was able to leave his body and travel with his mind to see what or whom he wanted whenever he wanted. Pete told me he was born with this ability.

Not wanting to insult my friend and not sure what was going on I could only think to say. “Where do you go and what have you seen lately?” Pete then said something that stunned me as if he had hit me with a laser gun.

“I went to your house to see what was going on” You were helping your son build a volcano for his science project and your dog was throwing up. Oh by the way the dog is eating an old seat cushion hidden behind that old shed in the back. That is what is making him sick.”

I do not think I moved even blinked. He was absolutely right!

I just sat there. Pete looked at me and said. “You have always known I was not like you or the others. Why are you acting so shocked at this?”

Pete and I talked for a few hours that day. Pete told me he was just not like other humans. For one thing his IQ was far greater than anyone could imagine and his ability to use his brain and natural abilities were more advanced or different then the everyday human. Pete knew he was different all his life. His parents raised him to understand this and also provided him with what Pete needed to reach his full abilities.

Pete was one of a kind. I just did not know one of what kind. When I asked Pete straight out if he was a human Pete just turned his head side to side as if he was looking at me for the very first time but he did not answer me.

Pete also told me he was a situs inversus totalis, which means he was born with a total reversal of his body’s organs. Everything that we have on our left is on his right. His heart is even located differently. Pete placed his hand over his beating heart and indeed it was not where it should have been.

Pete told me his life had been difficult as he tried to fit in with a population of people who were not like him. I did not know what to do or say to Pete. I told him I considered him a friend but did ask him not to visit me with his mind without my permission. Pete agreed, but oddly enough I did not believe him and think he peeks in whenever he wants to!

I long ago lost contact with Pete. I did hear he was doing great things in medicine and living somewhere in New England. I always knew Pete was very different. I never understood how or why he was the way he was. I often wonder if Pete is a super human or something else. I guess I will never know. I did try to ask Pete but he would not tell me.

Through all my experiences with the unknown including odd people or beings I have stumbled across in my life I find I am left with more questions than answers. It is clear to me that we know very little about this earth and our universe.

I do not have the answers to why the people I wrote about in this article are the way they are. I have no answers to most things considered strange or unknown. I do know many events, experiences and sightings that take place daily continue to be unexplained and left to that known as the paranormal. One day we will open our eyes and minds to understanding all of these things. Until then I am afraid we will remain lost in the Dark Ages of our own blindness when it comes to that which we find too odd to investigate or consider among that which is strange or unknown. I do hope I live long enough to one day understand what we now refuse to know.

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