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Read the Emails Following Post - Many Saw This Too!
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I lived on Long Island New York in 1965.We had a huge blackout that year that covered about six other states and parts of Canada. It was in the fall in November. I was about 14 or so at the time.

I clearly recall sitting on the front steps of my house with my friend, who lived next door. Our parents were all busy taking care of the things you do in a blackout. Finding light by way of lanterns or candles and building a fire in the outdoor grills were filling the adult time. The kids were playing in the dark on the front lawns or sitting on the front steps of the houses talking and laughing. The big blackout was exciting. My friend and I were laughing and talking as teenage girls do when all of a sudden, we saw a huge orange reddish yellowish ball or orb streak across the sky over the houses. It was enormous. It went across the entire sky and was gone. I never saw anything like it before. My friend thought it was a meteor or comet that was crashing through our atmosphere.

We ran inside and told the adults. My Dad came out looked and went back inside. It was nowhere to be seen. He was far more interested in the candles burning inside the house then a ball of light that was nowhere to be found .My friend and I listened to her little transistor radio to see if the huge red orb was being talked about on the news. It seemed as if we were the only ones who had seen it. My father told us we must have seen a shooting star. I was confused at the reaction of the adults as I knew it was not like anything I had ever seen before. I was also a kid and soon forgot about it.

As I grew up I would now and then mention the night of the blackout and the large orange ball my friend and I watched cross the sky. I quickly learned that I would receive odd looks and silence when the subject came up as my friend and I apparently were the only ones who had seen it. I learned quickly to avoid the subject.

Years passed and I moved on in life to adulthood and a family of my own. As fate would have it I ran into my friend at a local event one night in the late 90’s. We were catching up with our lives when my friend asked me if I remembered that strange large orb we saw on the night of the blackout. I told her of course I remembered it in fact did not think I would ever forget it. She told me she had been so curious about what we had seen that she had been doing research on that night to see if anyone else reported seeing what we did. My friend told me she found that many others did see that large fire ball. She also discovered people had UFO sightings and saw strange lights along with many other odd events that day.

I began to look into this event and discovered that my friend was right in what she had discovered. Many other people did see exactly what we did on November 9th 1965.

I decided to write a short article about seeing that huge red/orange object blast across the sky the day of the blackout. To my amazement I received emails from all over the world from people who also were in the New York area or on the East Coast of the United States the day of the blackout and reported seeing not only that ball flame across the sky but many other things as well.

I was told of UFO sightings from New York to Canada. I was told how happy people were to read that they were not the only ones to see that huge fire ball streak across the sky. I had about five stories from people telling of lost time events on that day. I also was aware that the reports I was receiving were from very good sources. The people contacting me were in government positions or working in science or the medical field. They sent me detailed sightings or details about the day of that blackout in 1965. Many saw exactly what my friend and I did. It was incredible to me so many people had so many experiences that day that were untold.

The most interesting part of the entire event of the blackout of 65 is that so many people did witness so many odd strange events that day while so many others did not. It is the one statement or question that is part of every report I have been sent. Why did not everyone see what we did on that night?

It was interesting to me to find that the people writing or contacting me were all within a five year age difference to me. It may simply be that the adults that day were all busy handling the tasks of dealing with the huge power outage and most children inside that night with the adults leaving only the teens outside watching the world around them. It may be something far stranger. I have no logical explanation for any of it.

I do know what I saw that night with my friend. I do know others saw it too. If you were living on the East Coast of the United States during the big blackout of 1965 and you also saw something strange that day I would love to know.

For now keep your eyes on the sky!

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Emails about the Blackout of 65 and the Fire Ball

I have been sent emails and links by others who remember seeing the same Fire Ball during the 1965 Blackout as well as other unexplained things. If you recall this night please send your experience to Thanks



I would love to tell you what my family and relatives saw that night,at the time I was around 12 yrs old, I lived at that time in a little town about 20 min drive north of Syracuse NY.

At the time my cousin and I had the chore of scraping off the paint from the windows after our house had been painted. Like kids do we got bored real quick and laid down on the front lawn and started gazing at the sky when we noticed what looked to be a bright star moving around all over the sky.

As we watched we saw more than 4-5 of these things doing all kinds of maneuvers in the sky. At this point we called our families out side. I do remember at one point we saw a big huge ball of fire just above the tree tops. Shortly after we had the black out . At that point the whole family was out side sitting on the steps watching the happenings until the early hrs in the morning.

At one point we saw a airplane follow one of these bright lights the thing disappeared and reappeared behind the plane.

I will never forget that night and have been fascinated ever since with UFOs.

Thanks Sue



I was 15 during blackout, saw the light from small town between Buffalo and Rochester, NY.



Hi Chris,

I ran across your post on the and was stunned at the content. In 1965, I was a freshman at Utica College in Utica, NY. I remember that blackout. I also remember seeing a brilliant orange ball streaking across the sky. I thought it was either a meteor or a UFO. If memory serves, I was in my dorm room at the time and saw this flaming ball through the window. Thanks for posting this. It's nice to know others recall it, too.


I also remember this event. I was living in Pennsylvania, I was thirteen at the time and was outside when all of a sudden a huge fire ball, that resembled the sun only bigger with flames licking off it, moved real fast from north to south and traveled directly over my head. I fell to the ground thinking that the sun was crashing into the earth. During the event, I saw the shadows of the trees moving in conjunction to the position of the object. I am glad that someone else remembers it besides me.

If you were in the blackout of 1965 and saw something please let us know.

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