Friday, March 19, 2010

Emma Woods and David Jacobs

In February, Paratopia hosts Jeremy Vaeni and Jeff Ritzman aired tapes of conversations with Emma Woods and Dr. David Jacobs. Woods is an abductee, and was a client of Jacobs, undergoing numerous hypnotic sessions.

There is much to say here, starting with the important reminder to us all that we weren't there, we don't know these individuals, etc. Having said that, after listening to the Vaeni/Ritzman program --- wow. Jacobs does not come across well, and I'm surprised at the lack of UFO blog/researcher comments on this.

Deirdre, of Interstellar Housewife, and a contributor here at WOE, did write a post about this a while ago. You can also visit Paratopia's site and message forum for more. And, of course, there is Emma Woods herself: Emma Woods: Is it Alien Abduction...?


Erik said...

The lack of response here is because all of the hubbub about it is occuring on The Paracast Forums as well as the Paratopia Message Board. Quite the stink on both sides actually. Gene Steinberg is now posting on the Paratopia Message Boards. Never thought I would see the day.



Deirdre said...

Yeah, same here.

BoyintheMachine said...

Dr. David Jacobs will be appearing on the Paracast on April 4th and the rumor is that he will be addressing the issue.

Also, Jacobs will posting a responce to, in his words, "Defamation Campaign" on his website in the near future:

I recently listened to an interview of Dr. Jacobs that was given last year on Red Ice Racio. In it Jacobs was asked about problems with his subjects and Jacobs mentioned a person with a personality disorder that harassed his family. Since Jacobs didn't reveal the name, no one can be sure of who he was speaking of.

I can tell you that I got mixed up into the mess when a friend of Emma's emailed me out of the blue. I refuse to take sides until I hear the other side. Hopefully it won't be that long until the truth comes out.

I would ask everyone to keep an open mind on this subject. Recently Emma's story appeared on 2 horrible Paratopia podcast episodes. The subjecte was not treated right at all. So I would just urge people to wait until they have both sides of the story before passing judgement. If what Dr. Jacobs has to say doesn't cut it, then so be it. But for now give the benefit of the doubt.

BoyintheMachine said...

David Jacobs has finally responded on his website to what he calls a "Defamation Campgaign". Jacobs refers to the woman as "Alice", though it's clear it is a reference to "Emma Woods" (not her real name).

I will be listening to the paracast episode shortly, w/ David Jacobs and Budd Hopkins to see if David responds as well.

I'm going to take some time and ponder both sides now before forming an opinion.