Monday, May 12, 2008

Henry Makow's Recent Blitherings

Henry Makow, er, Dr. Henry Makow, for those that don't know, is quite a study in . . .something. Insanity, self-hatred, paranoia, homophobia, uptightness, and good old fashioned misogyny. He's also very much into NWO, Illuminati, Satanists/Lucifertarians (code for Jews) and Masonic conspiracy stuff. He has his own website, (yeah, I know, cute, huh?) and guess what: you can find him on a regular basis on Jeff

I ususally post my rants about Makow on my blog Mating Hedgehogs, but things have been slow at WOE lately, and I'm just in a mood. So here it is.

Henry Makow has done it again. His latest bit of misogynistic blitherings tells us that women really want men who are in control. In Women See Male
Leadership As Love,
Makow urges men to take over and women to submit.
The old proverb, "Spare the rod, spoil the child" applies. Women and children feel most secure when husband/ father asserts his just control. It means he loves them. Failure to take charge is interpreted as neglect.

Oh, tsk tsk TSK, Henry. A most unfortunate choice, this. Even if not meant literally, even if not a call to beat your women (and children) it is a very lazy and sloppy thing to say. For, among other things, we know Makow has many supporters (good great fucking goddess, many of them are women!) and they, being quite stupid obviously, won’t understand such subtleties.

As always, Makow gets around to tying in the terrible state of heterosexual relationships today with commie pinko Jew lesbians:
The Lucifer-loving central bankers have used feminism, the mass media and the courts to banish love by undermining male power and authority. They have brainwashed generations of men and women to think of themselves as equal and identical. The goal is to destroy the family which obstructs their plan to enslave humanity, mentally and spiritually if not physically

For Christ’s sake Makow, sing a new song, will ya?!

Yes, women need to pipe down, settle down and start cookin’ barefoot in the kitchen again.
Men, confine yourself to women who look up to you. If you're looking up to her, the relationship is doomed.

Well, at least now I know why my jeans don’t fit like they used to:
By "empowering" women, society is essentially outfitting them with penises.

And here I thought it was because I put on weight. Er, in other places. So that’s what that thing is!

It’s just sad. Funny and on most days I am so amused. But underneath the incredible nonsense is the fact many actually like what he has to say, use his anti-Semitism for their own bigoted agendas, and that Jeff Rense gives him a soapbox to spew his crap.


Alfred Lehmberg said...

Revolting old bastard by the cut of my jib advocating "hair of the dog" or more of the same as a cure for 10,000 years of patron-ism pushing inferior science, inferior religion and inferior culture along with war, ignorance, and misogyny. Please quote me! [g].
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Alfred Lehmberg said...

Too, with regard to Jeff Rense, more to the point I think is that he truly believes that if we cannot extend free expression to those revolting us then we don't believe in it at all.

I know JR has appreciation and regard for me also and gives _me_ a place to spew my crap, too. What does that say about me, I wonder, and what does that say about him.

JR may be more a traditionalist than suits me, too, but for over 10 years he has been a stalwart friend, a consistent intelligence, and a voice in defense of freedom of expression. I'd speak in his defense as I'd speak in defense of Regan Lee... and for the same reason.

I've flown down the barrels of big guns in combat, Regan, but Jeff Rense is braver than me, and he is braver over the long haul. Too, he's the doting father of a teen=age daughter to which he would have society extend more respect.

Like you've said... we can agree to disagree... big whoop! [g].
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Siani said...

Is Makow an actual, living person, or the ghost of some bigoted old fart from latter times? I suppose that silly old fool would love to see a return to the days when women and children were mere chattels, and the law allowed a man to beat his wife. At least, English law allowed these things. It beats me how an apparently educated man can come out with such closed-minded crap as:

"But when you equalize power, you neuter both sexes. Men no longer assert their power; women no longer cultivate their charms."

Ugh. Please! I don't know whether to laugh at him or launch a rant :).

richelle said...

"By "empowering" women, society is essentially outfitting them with penises."

Because women naturally have such powerless genitaila...
What a nutter.

Alfred Lehmberg said...

If I had a vote I'd vote for pad preparation pursuant to launch, ma'am.


R. Lee said...

Dr. Makow has a degree in psychology, and he's the inventor of the board game Scruples.

Lesley said...

Is it just me or does he write the same article over and over again? Slightly different, but always the same exact points.

I haven't received my penis yet. Drats!

Zane said...

Alfred Lehmberg said...
"If I had a vote I'd vote for pad preparation pursuant to launch, ma'am."

Hahahaha. There it is. The Ultraconservative (unconscious)desire to blow up the world. Feminism is Ultraconservatism!

I made a video out of Makows' radio show though I doubt it you haters have the guts to watch it:

Alfred Lehmberg said...

...Not the whole world, "Zane," just that little piece of it _you_ and the good Docca Scroop stand on, hoss!

Too, I'll pass on your nifty little video. I don't ordinarily like the gorge rising that high, you know?

Off with you now... go stuff a codpiece, or something, while you dream of a woman lacking depth and dimension who would call _you_ "king," eh? LOL!

[...fundy piss-wit...]
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R. Lee said...

Er, Zane, dahling, it's not us that's doing the hating, ya know?

R. Lee said...


Could you e-mail me please? I didn't see an e-mail addy for you.


Anonymous said...

Is frikkin' Henry Makow still alive? Geesh, how long until he finally goes away?

Zane said...

Henry Makow is a good guy. Leave him alone.

Regan Lee said...

"Henry Makow is a good guy. Leave him alone."

We're all entitled to our views, it's a free country, and the rest of the usual stuff...

meanwhile, no, I won't "leave him alone" -- especially when he persists in blaming Jews for every evil and ill in the world. Oh, and gays. And, oh yes, women who aren't behaving like women. You know, uppity and all. Things like that. Sheesh.

Regan Lee said...

One last thing: regarding those who see nothing ironic in posting while keeping their profiles private...maybe they think the Evil Jew Pinko Lesbo Illuminati Cabal will get 'em.

Zane said...

Regan. Grasshopper.

Wendy suggested that s/he wished he could be killed.

"Geesh, how long until he finally goes away?"

That is hateful. You wonder why I want to be anon? You wonder why all men are about to be genocided?

I am Jewish. The Jews have suffered more than any race on earth. I am also against genocide. I am a Jew (from the Webers) and I
strongly oppose genocide. This is my philosophy. I have a right and A DUTY to prevent genocide wherever I see it. I see it coming. I am trying to prevent it. What? You are an Antisemite? You are a hater. An Antisemite Genocider!

Regan Lee said...


Ah, I see why you're a fan of Makow's -- you're as paranoid and defensive and whiny as he is.

Yeah, yeah, I'm Jewish too so bug off.

I'm done, you're gone! Thanks for stopping in, but your attempts at flaming and so on have been declared "over." By me. Buh bye.