Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Makow's Views on Domestic Violence

Usually Henry Makow is fodder for fun rants and one huge “Can you fucking believe this shit???!!!! Ha ha ha.”

Not this time. His blitherings in his latest pathological spewing: Domestic Violence Hysteria Is Political is both dangerous and irresponsible, which is an understatement.

And what does any of this have to do with para-politics, esoterica, the paranormal, Fortean subjects and UFOs? Well, aside from Makow being a crazy self-hating Jew misogynist, he’s in the Illuminati, NWO, Reptilians are Ruling the World conspiracy camp. Sort of like an unhip, woman hating David Icke.

All the whining about domestic violence is, according to Makow, the fault of evil lesbian Jewish feminists, who started the whole thing.

Men are victims of domestic violence too, and since this isn’t addressed to the extent the violence against women and children is, it’s a nasty plot by the above mentioned to:
stigmatize men and marriage in the eyes of young women. They want young women to Eat at Lesbian Jill's or Single Jane's but definitely not at Joe's.

(er, the visual metaphor tells us a lot about Makow’s paranoia, doesn’t it? Good grief! What must go on in that head of his.)

The crudest of examples is used here; Makow implies that feminists are all ugly, and women who dare to bring the issue of domestic violence to the public arena are unable to get a man. The evil powers that be -- the Illuminati Evil Jew Lesbians -- know this, and:
used feminism to harness the political power of women who couldn't get a date Saturday night.

All this bankrolled by the Rockerfellers of course.

Makow isn’t for domestic violence. He says so.:
I do not condone domestic violence of any kind. But I resent that this problem is exploited for an evil political goal: to destroy marriage and family and so render us more vulnerable to totalitarian control

Okay, so let me see; he doesn’t condone it, but he “resents that” it’s a “problem exploited for an evil political goal.” Which is to “destroy marriage and family.” In other words: shut up, don’t talk about the domestic violence in your family, don’t be an activist to change laws and hold the batterers accountable. You know, stop being such a whiny bitch. After all, the family is the important thing, marriage is sacred. Minor hassles like ending up in the emergency room now and then are nothing.

Besides being a misogynist, Makow is homophobic. To support his belief that homosexuality should be banned, and that they’re all going to hell, he talks about domestic violence within gay relationships as being twice that of heterosexual couples.

We don’t hear of this because the “social engineers” (you know, Jew Lesbo Commies) want to paint homosexuals as nothing but rosy happy people:
Homosexuality is the inability to form a permanent bond with a member of the opposite sex due to gender identity confusion. The goal of social engineers is to spread this developmental disorder that results in arrested development

And hey, we cant’ forget this:
Also, social engineers want homosexuals to have the glamor of being "victims" of straight violence.

Women’s shelters are to be avoided, for they’re run by “hags” who count on their jobs at these places for “cushy jobs and to emasculate men (by portraying them as abusers.)”

All of this is a satanic plan not just to end heterosexual marriage, but to bring in the New World Order with ease.


Why do I "pick on" Makow? You mean aside from the painfully obvious? Because, believe it or not, there are many out there who take this man very seriously. Men and women. And that's a hell of a lot scarier than any Reptilian.

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DJ Dual Core said...

It's all about power.

The idea that dismissing something as devastating as domestic violence can be justified with oblique fears about the future of heterosexual marriage should seem silly. Unfortunately, there are people, not just the abusers, who's power is preserved by domestic violence, feminism, marriage equality etc., being seen as somebody else's problems and somebody else's interests.

R. Lee said...

Thanks dj and thank you for the link as well!

richelle said...

I would actually drive any distance to eat at a restaurant called either "Lesbian Jill's" or "Single Jane's."

Siani said...

Does he really hold a PhD, or did he buy it from a dodgy website? Being a domestic violence victim is glamorous? I'd normally dismiss him as a silly old fart, but I agree - his rantings on this subject are dangerous.