Saturday, May 31, 2008

Satan, Hell, and the Paranormal

Richelle Hawks has a good piece on Binnall of America for her Medusa's Ladder column: Get Thee Hence, Satan. Why do books with "hell" in the title sell, why do people still want to believe in the hell tripe -- even after being debunked -- and why does Richelle get so annoyed at the satan/devil/demon beliefs and interpretations in the paranormal world? Read it and find out.

By the way, I freely admit that her column was the inspiration for my Trickster's Realm column, which should be up sometime Monday. (How's that for a plug?) I was going to write about MUFON's take on the Stehpenville UFOs, but I just wasn't that jazzed about it.

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richelle said...

Thanks for mentioning my column, and I'm excited to read yours now. I've been traveling this last week and I've missed much. Going to read it now...