Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Virgin in the Sun . . .

Marian apparitions seem to be in the esoteric news lately; I had just post on my MySpace blog last night that I’ll probably be posting some items about recent Marian apparitions on WOE here -- I was thinking of the links I saw on The Anomalist. Woke up this morning to find a new item on apparitions there.

The Virgin Mary’s place in the Kern County sun
(California) talks about Our Lady of the Rock, in the California desert, where people come from all over to witness phenomena, and to hear Maria Paula Acuña, who Mary appears to. This has been going on for twenty years.

One thing that’s interesting is the desert location. Many Contactees experienced their meetings with entities and related UFO phenomena in deserts.

As usual, the Church stands in opposition to the folk:
Thirteen years ago, Cardinal Roger M. Mahony of the Los Angeles Roman Catholic Archdiocese disavowed the reported apparitions, saying followers were "in danger of being misled" and that the archdiocese found doctrinal, canonical and financial irregularities among organizers of the ceremonies in the desert. The archdiocese has not changed its position on the desert gatherings.


Lesley said...

Years ago one of the news shows like Primetime Live or 20/20 had a very good piece on the lady of the rock. Would be nice if someone still had it and put it on youtube.

DJ Dual Core said...

The Catholic Church's response is predictable. Just ask Jeanne d'Arc or Bernadette Soubirous.