Monday, March 24, 2008

Zorgy Award Winners Announced

By now I'm sure you know that the Zorgy Award Winners have been announced. And I'm glad to say that Lesley has come in strong in two categories; for Best Paranormal Blog (2rd place) and for Best Website (3rd place) ((News Summary.) Congratulations to Lesley! And all the winners. Glad to see Odd Things got a nod as well!
Best Paranormal Blog
UFO Mystic - 161
The Debris Field - 151
Posthuman Blues - 76
Odd Things - 32

Best Website (News Summary)
The Daily Grail - 1,058
The Anomalist - 193
The Debris Field - 63
UFO Review - 36

Alfred Lehmberg won for Best Troublemaker, with Jeremy Vaeni in second place. Congratulations Alfred and Jeremy!

Best UFO / Paranormal Troublemaker
Alfred Lehmberg - 178
Jeremy Vaeni - 85
James W. Moseley - 72
David Biedny - 67

Now, I'm going to start in early this year. VOTE FOR ME! I have no idea when Paul Kimball will begin the new round, but I'm putting the word in now. VOTE FOR ME!
Just keep that in mind. In doing so, here are some of my other blogs:
Vintage UFO
Women Of Esoterica
Frame 352
and of course, the OrangeOrb.

I was too naive or dumb or both to know you could nominate yourself, so this year I'll be sure to do so. So remember, VOTE FOR ME!

To see all the winners in all the categories, go to Paul Kimball's blog The Other Side of Truth.

And remember, VOTE FOR ME!


richelle said...

I'll vote for you regan.

Regan Lee said...

And I'll vote for you, lol. Say, how are you anyway? Hope all is well..

richelle said...

Ok--just settling in after moving across the country. feeling kind of displaced although it's a good kind of displaced. I should be getting back into the blogging groove shortly.