Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Woman On Edge: Spaceship Weather and Other Woes

This may seem like an off the wall post, but I’m feeling kind of off the wall. I could post this on Mating Hedgehogs, but no one looks at that blog, as wonderful as it is, (hint) so I’m posting it here.

It’s humid here. Not terribly so, hardly at all, but I’m the sensitive type, and I can feel it. Humidity depresses me, and makes me feel anxious. I always have the feeling of waiting for something, of anticipation. It’s an anxious anticipation. Maybe that’s why women in the south were depicted as being a bit crazy; between the humidity and tight underthings, it’d be hard not to go off the edge. And I don’t know what it is about humidity but it seems to make my boobs bigger. That is not a good thing; for one thing, I’m too damn old to care, for another, it’s very uncomfortable. So just settle down.

When it’s really humid, I call it “spaceship weather.” If (or when, heh) the mother ships land, it’ll be during the humid spells. Just seems like the perfect setting for a mass landing.

Another reason I’m feeling a little edgy is the time change. It isn’t six o’clock, damnit! I know, the whole time concept thing is utterly arbitrary, but one does get used to a certain way. We eat late as it is, around 8pm, so now we have to eat at 9, no wait, 7, I don't know! Stop confusing me.

While we’re at it, I’ll gripe about the allergies. It’s Spring now, (according to my personal calendar) and the trees are beautiful. With it comes allergies, asthma and other delights.

Well, so glad I could brighten everyone’s day! Cheers.

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Lesley said...

Yes, I totally agree about humidity. I don't know how people live in really humid places, it makes me uncomfortable physically and otherwise.

Mostly I am happy about the time change. More daylight for late risers such as myself. However, it did generally mess up my entire day due to the fact that I couldn't fall asleep at my regular time last night because it was actually an hour early. It will probably take weeks for me to get entirely used to it.