Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tarot Decks

I collect Tarot decks, for their interest, art and design -- they're like little books to me -- and as use in divination, or as a tool in intuitive processing. (snort, I like that: "intuitive processing, lol! Just sounded terribly pompous and new agey. )

I found some decks that struck me as interesting for various reasons: some seem pretty and aesthetically pleasing, the subject matter is very off the wall, exploitative, fun, etc.

I found all these on the House of Tarot website.

I love this Halloween one! I love Halloween in general; this seems like a fun yet substantial deck to use.

And of course you need the Wizard of Oz deck! I've seen an Alice in Wonderland deck as well; both seem to be fitting books for adapting as a Tarot deck.

I realize many Tarot purists (my husband "George" among them) hate this kind of thing. Some decks I think are too off the wall or exploitive; but overall, I'm not as strict about the tradition. For one thing, tradition is both static and changing -- tradition meets another tradition, and a third,new, tradition is born.

I almost bought this deck awhile back -- I love mermaids, and when I saw this deck I assumed I would end up buying it. But I didn't like the feel of it at all; or the cold, creepy vibe I got from handling the deck.

And in the end, that's the importnat thing; how it feels to you.

I have to end with this: The Housewives Tarot. Visit the site; it's really fun! You can download desktops and find recipes like "Mystical Martini" and "Psychic Psysalad."
It's done in a 1950s style; tongue in cheek and silly, yet all the while treating the Tarot subject respectfully as well. I've seen lots of images of the deck but haven't handled one yet. It seems to speak positively though, doesn't it?

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