Saturday, March 22, 2008

Farah Yurdozu: Mary Poppins, Alien Abductions, and Gurdijeff.

Farah Yurdozu has a great article in the current issue of UFO Magazine. (Farah is one of our contributors here at Women Of Esoterica.) It's titled Mary Poppins, Alien Abductions, and Gurdijeff. Great title! When I first read the title, I thought it was intriguing and delightful, but couldn't imagine what the three had to do with each other.

While reading the article, I saw why. Farah weaves together these three elements in a way that makes sense. And, there are surprises; things I didn't know about the author of Mary Poppins, but, after reading about her, aren't surprising.

There were three books that had a vivid and intense impact on me when I was young; books that I read over and over again. I still visit them on occasion even now. The Secret Garden,Frances Hodgson Burnett, Jane Erye,Charlotte Brontë, and Mary Poppins, by P. L. Travers. I loved Mary Poppins! I read the other Mary Poppins books too ( ) but Mary Poppins, the first one, remains my favorite. (And, as Farah mentions, the movie, while enjoyable -- I'm a musical junkie -- is nothing like the book at all.)

Farah discusses one part in the book where Mary Poppins and the children see a bright star in the night sky, next thing you know, they're visiting other worlds. That was one of my favorite parts in the book. After reading Farah's article, and given my interest and experience with UFOs, aliens, and related phenomena, that connection between the three: Mary Poppins,Alien Abductions, and Gurdijeff, is easy to understand. And why I related so much to that part of the book. (It's not surprising that books such as Alice in Wonderland, the Oz books, and other books that transport the individual -- usually a child -- to another world resonate with many of us invovled in this area.)

This issue of UFO Magazine is interesting for all kinds of reasons, all the great columnists like Lesley (also a Women of Esoterica contributor), Nick Redfern, and Alfred Lehmberg, as well as the items on the Stephenville UFOs. But getting this issue just for Farah's article is worth it.

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