Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sexism in Bigfoot Research and Esoterica

Okay, it's time. From personal experience, I will say that some men have a huge problem with women in general. And so when they find women in the fields of esoterica, they quickly show themselves for what they are: stupid sexist pigs. Simple.

It is sexist when a man posts that a woman should spread eagle herself, naked, on an altar (though he spelled it alter) and wait to be raped.

It is ridiculously sexist to stoop so low and call a woman a "man hater" when in disagreement over esoteric theory.

It is equally ridiculous to call someone a "lesbian" as if: that's an insult in the first place, and, two, that one's sexual preference has anything to do with UFO or other esoteric research.

It is sexist when a man posts images of crude illustrations that depict women as ugly when referring to a specific female researcher. Looks have nothing to do with anything -- this is so f****** obvious it irritates me that I even have to address it. (Look how many men out there who aren't, well, let's say Johnny Depp has no worries) but the point is, who cares what someone looks like?

All those things, and so much more have happened to me. (And still happens.I'm sure many women experience this, they just don't discuss it.)

It is sexist when male researchers call female researchers -- who've been in the field longer than they -- call them silly names, as if they're back in middle school, exclude them from the dialogue, or make veiled sexist comments about their mental health. ("Hysterical female.")

And it's sexist when a woman is attacked for her personal, sexual life, as is the case with Melissa Hovey, Bigfoot researcher. Her morals are in question, her personal sexual life is in question, and she has been attacked by some Bigfoot researchers for what she chooses to do, as a free adult in this society, concerning her sexual -- and private -- life. You can read about Melissa's recent experiences on her blog Bigfoot Research.

Yes, sexism exists, and these are some of the ways the sexism manifests itself.


Lesley said...

I must not pay attention because I have never heard anything like that from a man in ufology. Oh yes, fringe people trying to create trouble, but not actually in ufology. Then again, I don't hang at any of the boards or anything like that. That is also the reason I don't hang at any of the well known boards, not sexism exactly, but just horrible people in general.

I think it is fair to point out that Melissa was being attacked by both men and women, or at least that is my understanding. Though women can be sexist against women too, I have witnessed that quite often with fundamentalist Christians.

Really I think it comes down to basically hateful people. I doubt these people are only nasty to women they probably are equally as nasty to men, but not in the same way.

Regan Lee said...

Lesley, your points are good ones, and that's probably one reason why I, and many other women, don't address this very often. Because the same men who act this way, also act badly with others. They just choose to be specific when it comes to women; they probably make fun of those with disabilities, or race, etc. too.

And I know that women can be equally as digusting; in fact, there's one that posts on UFO Updates who I won't mention by name, who has been as mean spirited as any man.

In context of Melissa's experience, one thing that stands out, from what I understand, is that the man invovled hasn't been the victim of these comments, just her.

It's liek hate crimes; when you pick on the specific aspect of a person's gender, race, or sexuality, it then becomes specific. Instead of saying "so and so's arguments are nonsense because it's not based in fact...." they say "so and so hates men, because she dares to argue with me about UFOs, and I'm a man."

Now and then it just needs to be brought to the attention of others, but it will always be so, and we all know it. The important thing is to keep doing what we do, (whoever you are, or whatever your gender) and don't stop, just because some pinheaded clown shoe decides you're a "man hating lesbo hysterical female with loose morals" lol.

Lesley said...

Sex is always the fault of women, never men. C'mon Regan, everyone knows that! Men are Casanovas and women are whores. Men can't help it because of their biological urges, which women are not suppose to have. Women only put up with sex because they want children. Ridiculous that there are still people who think that way, but there are and likely will always be.

As for the true clown shoes I think there is a split. I think many of them are willing to say anything they think will piss people off who don't agree them, even if they don't believe it. While others are truly sexist, homophobic and whatever else.

I don't read much of ufo updates lately. Just too busy to go through the posts, but I am pretty sure I know who you are talking about.

Nobody should involve themselves in ufology or any other esoteric study if they are thin skinned and can't handle mean comments from assclowns. Because they will come in some form, from someone. I can guarantee that. There are plenty of assclowns to go around. :-)