Friday, March 7, 2008

WOE Search Phrases

Search Phrases for WOE

I’ve noticed that Women Of Esoterica get a lot of international visitors. It’s probably safe to assume they’re female visitors, but that’s an assumption. The majority are from the U.S. which isn’t surprising, but we also have visitors from: United Kingdom, Canada,Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Poland, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Romania, New Zealand,Switzerland,Slovenia, India, Sweden, Russian Federation, Japan, Czech Republic, Israel,Brazil,Finland, Chile, Egypt, Mexico, Bulgaria, Malta, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Greece.

The search phrases used that bring people here to WOE are interesting. (I did the same thing over at OrangeOrb.)

Angelina Joiner was a popular search, as was Texas UFO, and Stephenville ufo.

Sexy witches and sexy fairies were popular; lots of variations on those search phrases. (Hey, what kind of place do you think this is?!) There was also “linda moulton howe sexy.”

UFO female grey

That’s specific.

In love with a telepathic woman

This one has me intrigued . . .

medjugorje+supernatural, ufos medjugorje,MEDJUGORJE+,Lourdes visitations, medjugorje+apparitions, medjugorje+pictures, Apparitions virgin mary egypt photos . . .
And a lot more; lots of people looking for Marian apparitions, including with a UFO or supernatural slant.

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