Thursday, January 19, 2012

There is always more to learn

Some days it just hits me that there is so much still to learn that I want to learn about.  That is how today was.

I had a consultation at a Body & Brain Holistic Yoga center near my house.

I once attended what was supposedly a yoga class, but it was more of an exercise class.  Well, and last summer I did some yoga at home using DVD instructors or books - that was also more like exercise.  Never felt I was doing it right either.  For some reason as I searched the internet at 4 in the morning last weekend this particular yoga center stuck out for me and not really just because it is fairly near my house.  I can't really explain why and maybe that is the esoteric part of this post.  Anyhow, I scheduled an appointment.

I had about an hour private consultation and I am amazed at how much I learned in that short time and how great I felt when I left.

Jo took time to really find out about me and what my problems were and how I was feeling.  That alone was great!

Some just little things, like most women love massages and I really kind of hate them.  I just don't like strangers touching me.  I had assumed that that was because I was some sort of cold bitch! :-)  However, Jo explained to me that it is because I am too sensitive and the energy of others really affects me.  Duh!  Once she said it, it made perfect sense!  It is totally true.  I can normally sense someone's mood or stress, even if they aren't touching me and it does affect me.

Also, I learned some really simple practices for my neck and back pain that helped so much that I can't tell you the last time I felt so relaxed and pain free!

I loved it so much that I am hoping to be able to make it to a class at least twice a week!  Will keep updating on my progress and anything interesting I learn from it.

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