Sunday, January 29, 2012

Skeptics on Strieber: Magonia Blog

Expected review of Strieber; comments left, including one by Strieber himself who remarks that if riches were to be had from exploring and sharing one's anomalous experiences, he wouldn't have had to declare bankruptcy or lose his home, etc.

I have a couple of thoughts on the skeptoid's responses to experiencers of the strange. Those of us who experience a variety of weirdness are somehow fabricators, because of the variety of strangeness. Ghosts and UFOs and entities and telepathy and ....? It's all too much. Therefore, it's all crap. It doesn't seem to occur to them that there might be clues to the enigma in all that seeming variety of experience.

The second thought: that some of these memories, experiences and travels through one's own anomalous journey might be, at times, manipulated by humans. Yep, I do indeed mean sinister forces. It often seems beyond possibility for debunkers to consider that there is an orchestrated manipulation of phenomena by psychotic and sociopathic humans. THE MAGONIA BLOG: THE STRIEBER ENIGMA

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