Thursday, January 26, 2012

Yoga, pt 2

OK, so more about yoga.  I went to my first official yoga class the other night and it was possibly even more amazing that my private consultation.  The form of yoga I am taking is rather new (mixed with old, of course), it is Dahn Yoga.  A mixture of yoga, tai chi and meditation.

I hope to some day meet the creator of this form of yoga, Ilchi Lee.

Not because he is necessarily a genius, but because he has managed to merge common sense, intuitive methods that most people may in some way instinctively know but shrug off as being woo-woo.  I include myself in that.  In a certain way that is genius.

Aside from the yoga and tai chi, this is the first time ever that someone has explained mediation to me in a way that makes sense. Previously I avoided anything to do with meditation because I did not feel that I could do it.  Last night at class, I literally was worried that I had to keep a grip to prevent having an OBE, which I would rather do in the privacy of my own home.  Perhaps some day I will be more open about that.

Oh, and my instructor, Jo, she is just awesome!  Someone you would hope to be teaching you and not someone you are just stuck with.

Most of all - The pain in my neck and back are totally gone.  I am going to guess that a lot of that was stress, but also that we can heal ourselves if we are trying.


Dia Sobin said...

I'm with your previous attitude when it comes to any ordered form of meditation... but I do remember taking up tai-chi when I lived in the city, and finding it very helpful.

In any case, your recent experience sounds great - wishing you continued success. I do believe that humans can heal themselves... and should only resort to the medical industry as a last resort. Wish that form of yoga could be found here!


Regan Lee said...

Lesley, that sounds wonderful. I very much like the combination of tai chi with the yoga. Your meditation experience; that is good. Glad to know your pain is gone. I agree, much of healing can be done ourselves...