Saturday, May 28, 2011

More on Surrealist Painter Leonora Carrington

Leonara Carrington, Jack Be Nimble

Many thanks to dia sobin who shared this link of paintings by surrealist artist Leonaora Carrington, who passed away recently: Leonora Carrington.

Her paintings are beautiful. Some of them remind me of Tarot cards, others, of esoteric alien-abduction-ET realms, even though, I am quite sure, that was not Carrington's intent, I'm simply saying they remind me of that a bit.



Dia Sobin (Araqinta) said...

You're welcome, Regan!

Carrington never talked about her work much to the press, so it's really hard to say what inspired her images apart from her own synthesis of feminine mystica. But she wouldn't be the first surrealist who believed they possessed "other worldly" connections, if that was the case!

BTW, if you dig Carrington then you'll also appreciate Remedios Varo, a friend of hers, who worked in a similar way. There's on image on this page that may resonate with you - Creación de las aves" - The Creation of Birds"...

Best to you,

Dia Sobin (Araqinta) said...

P.S. Actually, I translated that slightly wrong... it's "Creation of the Birds"... of which an interesting description can be found on this equally as interesting blog: