Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mad Makow Going Strong...

Mad Henry Makow is really going at it. As if the previous article wasn't enough; now this from Peter Tesky. Women Today are "Whack Jobs": Women Programmed to self-destruct; Feminist Cultural Leaders are Traitors. I could comment endlessly but it speaks for itself, as in:
"Most women are confused, anti-social, filled with anxiety and fear, and when you approach them, they treat you like a predator or a pervert. Those who are friendly only want sex, even if they're already in a relationship, or worse, already married."
Then there's the feminists and the lesbians, usually they both go hand in hand.
It seems most women don't like being "harassed" by men anymore,
And he ends with the Makow doctrine that everything wrong with the world (you know, like Jews, lesbians and feminists) is done by the Illuminati:
The crimes against humanity by Illuminati social engineers in the name of freedom and equality are mind boggling.

Why do I keep picking on Makow? Because, while he's hysterical and it's a surreal feeling to know there are actually people like him out there, there are actually people like him out there. The comments left on these articles are scary --- sigh, there are really people like him out there! And just about the only site you can count on to pass along Makow's homophobic, sexist, anti-Semitic insanity is Jeff Rense's site, which says quite a lot about ol' Rense.

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