Wednesday, May 18, 2011

From Colin Andrews Site: George Wingfield: Linda Moulton-Howe's false UFO & crop circles..

Wingfield points out glaring untruths in LMH's presentation at the 23rd Ozark UFO Conference:
George Wingfield: Linda Moulton-Howe's false UFO & crop circles..

I am very wary of self-styled UFO Police and invite all (except uber psycho skeptoids) to play. Demands from some researchers that certain subjects or approaches within UFOlogy be rejected for whatever reason should be soundly mocked and utterly ignored. But there is something to be said for being coherent (as I'll comment later regarding Paola Harris) or being cavelair with information. We've been seeing a lot of this these days, from David Jacobs, Budd Hopkins, and many more before them, and we'll of course see many more after this.

I wasn't at this conference and can't comment directly. I've stood up for LMH in the past and she does deserve acknowledgement for her contributions. I do think she has her own view of what "all this" is, (most of us have our own views of what "all this" is) and that affects her spin on the stories she brings us. She's not the only researcher to do so.

By the way, if you visit Colin Andrew's site, and can find some way of contributing to his efforts, I am sure he will appreciate it.


George32 said...

Dear Regan Lee, Are you suggesting that I am one of the “self-styled UFO Police” or that I am an “uber psycho skeptoid” ? What you say is laughable. I have researched crop circles and UFOs for many years and when I say that LMH is talking nonsense as regards a particular case, I can assure you that I am right.

I know Linda and she has done some good research. Unfortunately when she has got something completely wrong she will never back down and never admit it. A good example is Ray Santilli’s fraudulent “Alien Autopsy” of 1995 which she still insists was genuine although everybody else in ufology acknowledges it was a scam. There are many other false cases too. This is not just a matter of my opinion –it’s proven fact.

George Wingfield

Regan Lee said...

I don't think you understood my post.