Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Synchronicity: Pendulums, Tesla and Orbs

Yes, I have bunches of dowsers and pendulums, but at the conference one of the vendors had one that really caught my eye:

The first thing I thought was it is a Tesla coil pendulum!  Then I thought that isn't right because Tesla coils have tight spirals like this:

but I knew that it reminded me of some Tesla invention so when the conference was over I did some searching and came across this:

Tesla's drawing for wireless electricity transmitter/receiver.  I haven't been able to use the pendulum outside yet because of the spring winds, but I was sitting inside and dangling it and wondering if it was a transmitter or receiver or maybe both.  I jokingly thought that maybe I could call some UFOs using it.  Laid it down, forgot about it.  A little while later I went outside and I was just sitting there not even looking at the sky and there was a very loud plane I saw it flying over a little south of me (which makes sense as that is the normal flight path), but then when I turned back and looked almost directly overhead there was one of those damn orbs flying over.  It was going so fast that I only managed one photo before it was out of view:

Seemed more than a little synchronistic after thinking about that while holding the pendulum.

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Regan Lee said...

Love those synchronicities Lesley. I've seen those fast moving white orbs too, though it's been a couple of years since I've seen one.

Speaking of pendulum synchronicities; your post gave me a start this morning, since last night, right before going to sleep, I pulled out my pendulums (I keep them in a little bag on my nightstand) and was using them. I hadn't related to them in a long time, and just felt the urge to play around with them before going to sleep.