Monday, January 3, 2011

Rest in Peace Ms. Francis: An Esoteric Look

     I was sad to hear that Anne Francis had died, at age 80, of pancreatic cancer. I blogged about Ms. Francis at Pulp Jello, with a link to the very excellent Monster Island News, who has a lovely post about her.
     Aside from her role in the classic sci-fi Forbidden Planet, Anne Francis was had her own way cool TV show in the sixties: Honey West. I loved that show! I was ten years old, and watched it religiously. Boy, I wanted to be her when I grew up!
     In looking at clips of the show on YouTube, I noticed a couple of estoeric themed episodes. One is The Owl and the Eye, where Honey West is hired to protect a statue of an owl:

     This episode clip is titled The Abominable Snowman:

The trailer for Forbidden Planet:

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