Friday, December 31, 2010

Makow on The Illuminati and Gays

Makow's at it again, and who has posted a link to Makow's paranoid homophobic ranting -- - Jeff Rense, as usual, who seems to be Makow's cheerleader, for it's Rense that posts numerous links to Makow's stuff.

As previously noted, Makow does have one talent, and that's integrating many agendas into one article, no matter what the topic of that article is. Basically, Makow's philosophy is simple: all that is satanic, which is mainly feminism and homosexuality, (and pinko commie Jews) are the doings of the Illuminati.

Makow links to a 2001 article of his: "Why I'm Proud to be a Homophobic." The link appears broken on his site but Google it and you'll find it. Or, just go here. - exposing feminism and the new world order

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enigmatica said...

Makow makes me so happy to be queeralicious.