Saturday, January 8, 2011

found poem: from the ravings of henry makow, rearranged . . .

found poem

from the ravings of henry makow, rearranged. . .

pounding the drum for promiscuity
In a fit of nostalgia
I had fond memories

I quickly realized why
was so messed up as a young man.

no one has a clue

the "J" word
is never mentioned.

The movie oozes
yet the audience
 is totally unaware.

"Why can't we just
have sex?"

I walked in on someone
watching "Hot Tub Climate Change,"

A habit of promiscuity
in the trailer, awakes
directed by another tribalist

Jewish navel gazing

own Hollywood
Sabbatean satanism, Sabbatean-Frankists

fig leaf

Monkey see, monkey do
a tiny cult
use us
as their human shields

From the words of Henry Makow in Hollywood's Sabbatean Sex Propaganda, January 8, 2011
constructed by regan lee, January 2011


T0X said...

ha ha. good stuff.

but do you disagree with his notion that Hollywood promotes promiscuity? or the notion that promiscuity is unhealthy?

T0X said...

reading a bit of the Makow article, I typed "redemption through evil" into google and this was on the first page:

"Before, or at the very least immediately after reading this essay on the Mystery of the Red Heifer, you are urged to read Reb Yakov Leib's companion piece, "On the Limits of Antinomianism," in order to put this sensitive and difficult Neo-Sabbatian principle of "Redemption through Sin" into an ethical context.]"

looking over this article, its at least as crazy as Makow....thoughts?

Regan Lee said...

Sure Hollywood "promotes" promiscuity, sex has always sold, and will continue to sell. Much of it's lame, and immature, and silly, and ... we could go on and on. I've been intrigued by the juxtapositions of sex sex sex sex sex everywhere, and the ignorance of sexuality itself. A real disconnect there. Oh, what a complicated subject! We confuse and muddle things; promiscuity and morals, your morals, my morals, our morals... "Hollywood" cares about making money, as any entity does, and if it's sex that's going to sell, that's the commodity. Hollywood also sells violence. Sick, twisted, perverse, creepy, agitprop violence. Sex seems to offend more than violence. Hollywood doesn't much care about issues or morals, not as an infrastructure. This is a surprise?
Makow hangs his bigoted, misogonystic hat on the "Hollywood" rack because it's one more convenient place to spew his wacked views on sex, women, gays, commies, liberals, Jews, and non-Christians. It doesn't matter what the topic is: movies, sex, books, politics, fashion, science, with Makow it's always only about one thing, a strange string of paranoid-anti-feminist/women-homophobic-anti-Semitic-anti-liberal ravings.

Regan Lee said...

TOX, is the artwork on your blog yours? Very nice!

T0X said...

thanks Regan, yeah its my artwork, havent done much lately as Ive been busy with music. There are some goddess pieces on my website.

I get that Makow is a pathetic woman hating jerk that doesnt even have the sense to be embarrassed about his blatant insecurities, but there are also kernels of truth in what he is saying.

I disagree that Hollywood promotes sex and violence simply because they sell. With the power of media and marketing they can sell pretty much anything (pet rocks). And lets not oversimplify, perhaps nothing sells like sex but what Makow is talking about is the infusion of a new morality. Personally I find monogamy a lot sexier than promiscuity but thats me.

anyways, not to digress too much but Im a hip hop artist and in the early nineties hip hop was very positive and artistic. The response from the music industry was a marketing deluge of pure negativity (and woman hating) and nowadays hip hop is associated with that in most peoples minds. sex and violence sell, but so does positivity if given a chance. People say the music industry is run by Jews, but even if that is true I dont think it reflects on all jews, and Im certainly no fan of the jewish religion. All the major world religions are starkly anti-female, even Buddhism which liberals seem so fond of.

Back to hollywood, there are plenty of examples of bizarre, esoteric movies that patently lack mass appeal, particularly scifi, that nonetheless had huge budgets despite the fact that they had almost zero chance of turning a profit. The movies were made because of the message they carry. The people behind the scenes arent simply in it for the money: they are already incredibly wealthy. Despite the fact that I think they are evil, the magicians at the top of esoteric hierarchies are not materialists. Of course, the etymological root of materialism, like matrix, is mother. All of which is to say that I think your assertion that Hollywood doesnt care about morals or messages is wrong. There are deep philosophies at work there and the conflicts between them are often played out in competing movies.

I also dont buy the antisemitic label as Makow states that he is a Jew himself who is sick of being used as a "human shield" by the elite. I think thats a fine metaphor for the middle class in any society.

just because an idiot says something doesnt mean it isnt true. :)

T0X said...
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T0X said...

sorry for the double post, Im getting error messages.

Regan Lee said...

"Personally I find monogamy a lot sexier than promiscuity but thats me."

That's fine, and I agree... in the sense that I agree, now, for me, because it's what I've chosen to do now, for me and my husband, at this point, in this relationship. My point is, monogamy is not a higher moral ground simply because of it's definition. Adultery, promiscuity, all relative, all has to do with context...

"All of which is to say that I think your assertion that Hollywood doesnt care about morals or messages is wrong. "

I agree with you -- I am talking about the infrastruture, of Hollywood, the system/entity, not individuals, not artists, who make film, whether it's act in them, write them, or make them.

As to Jews running Hollywood, or the medicine, or law, or ... snort. Such a damn tired stereotype. Not worth debating.

All mainstream religions are sexist controlling entities; that's what they're set up for. But within all religious systems, are the anti-system bits that defy the dogma.