Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Conspiracy Guru Rense Asks: Government Hoarding Tampons?!

In one of the stranger conspiracy discoveries today, I found this link: Government Hoarding Tampons? Women Pay eBay $76 for supply.

I love conspiracies, so naturally I had to follow up on this one. I clicked on the above link and  first found that the page didn't load (ah! it is a conspiracy), so I Googled "tampons supply" and found a blog entry on the very funny Jezebel blog verifying the sad news: O.B. tampons have been discontinued.  No mention of the government hoarding tampons, but the O.B. tampon is no longer in supply. They are impossible to find on the shelves, and Johnson and Johnson, in a response to Jezebel's letter to the company, confirmed they've discontinued the product:
Unfortunately, production of our o.b.® Ultra Absorbency Tampons has been discontinued due to manufacturing updates. We do intend to bring this product back to market
 The Rense link lead to this article, which I finally found: Women Searching Far and Wide for O.B. Tampons After They Mysteriously Disappear From Shelves but no mention of a government campaign to hoard tampons, though one can see why Rense would glean conspiracy! from this. This article does say that Johnson and Johnson had a "temporary supply interruption" which does sound a bit conspiratorial. It does make one wonder: I mean, "temporary supply disruption?" I thought it had something to do with "manufacturing updates."  The article notes that "The company wouldn't explain the manufacturing or distribution glitch, which began in the fall, any further," but did say the tampons would be available again soon.

I'd love to know why Rense thinks the government would want applicator-less, super absorbent tampons  but so far, he hasn't offered us any details. Maybe Henry Makow will come up with some.

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