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What's Going on With the Weather?

Freak Beijing storm turns day into night

Day turns to night as a storm sweeps across Beijing in China just before midday on June 16, 2009.

Day turns to night as a storm sweeps across Beijing in China just before midday on June 16, 2009. (June 16, 2009, 6:07 pm)

I don't know about the weather where you live but here on Long Island New York it is really strange.

Over my lifetime I cannot recall a time when I was still wearing a jacket in the middle of June. We are not able to go side to do anything summer like as it has been raining every day now for weeks. Our pools sit unused and our beaches deserted.

We have thunderstorms now that are low and frightening. I have had cracks of lightning over my house that nearly threw me out of my chair they were so loud, close and violent. The few days we did have sunshine were so cold I needed a blanket wrapped around me as I tried to sit on my deck to read with a hot cup of tea at my side. The birds I once listened to daily this time of year are silent and hiding. I imagine they are as confused as I am about this crazy weather.

I read the other day that New Jersey had a hailstorm that was so severe they needed to bring out the snow equipment to clear the road in some places. I have to wonder what in the world is going on?

I have a sister who has a science background who has always been interested in clouds and would talk about them ever since we were children. She knew what kinds looked what way and what caused each type to develop.

The last few years my sister has been telling me that she thinks that something is wrong with the clouds. She told me the clouds look fake to her and are not at the normal height in the sky. I am not one to know exactly what cloud I am looking at, but have noticed, once she mentioned it, that some days the sky looked as if it came out of a painting rather then the easy soft flow of mother nature. There seemed to be a stiffness to them. A perfection that was not completely normal. They did not float along as I remembered watching as a child but then again- I am not sure, as I am not a cloud expert.

The fact that the strange spraying that has been going on in our skies for years still continues to this very day makes me wonder if it is in someway connected to this crazy weather. The planes that fly out of the normal travel lanes who crisscross each other leaving miles of long trails of cloud like material that turn different colors, multiply in size and drift over the land for the entire day. I wonder if that is connected to this strange new climate?

It is impossible for me to not consider this, as this spraying has become routine where I live. The only thing that is ridiculous about the spraying going on over our heads is that some people still try to hold onto the cry "It is normal jet traffic con trails."

I think even the most stubborn of us who refuse to acknowledge this ongoing spraying as a man made venture that is not normal contrails are the same who are not able to answer simple questions. If this is from normal air traffic why is it not seen every day or on days with the same exact climate and temperatures? Why are the planes doing this not seen in the normal jet lanes of plane traffic? Lastly why do the contrails of normal air traffic dissipate while the abnormal spraying being done lasts for an entire day and fans out to form long lasting colorful clouds? I know many refuse to deal with this subject however by the many emails I have received on this issue I know a huge amount of the public realize this is strange and are concerned.

So here I sit in the middle of June with the windows closed, the heat on and my yard looking more like early November then June. I think it is obvious I have considered that this odd weather has some connection to the years of spraying that has been going on over our heads.
It is well known that the weather can be manipulated. In China it is done openly. I am sure it is a practice that takes place all over the world at this point. I just wonder how good we are at controlling something that Mother Nature may have wanted to handle on her own?

I just read that seven people died in Beijing China the other day as a odd storm with huge black clouds over took Beijing, the headline read:

“The storms were expected to affect western and northern Xingjian, most part of Inner Mongolia, northeast China and north China.
Today's extreme weather follows yesterday's hailstorms across eastern China's Anhui province, which killed 14 people and injured more than 180, AFP reports.
Anhui's Civil Affairs Bureau said that more than 10,000 people were evacuated and nearly 9,700 houses collapsed in yesterday's severe storm.
Anhui was struck by hail and winds of up to 104 kilometers per hour, causing $82 million worth of damage.
A similar hailstorm struck the region in the first week of June, killing 23 people and injuring more than 200.
Officials have warned residents that more dangerous weather could follow.”

I realize we are heading towards many changes as we enter into new cycles and watch the old ones slip away. I am aware that we are due to enter a time of new galactic alignment and new positioning in our own solar system. I understand that we are due to have a pole reversal as well as on the path of enduring changes with the sun causing flares that will knock out our electric and communication abilities plus much more.

I am aware that the climate is going to change and has been changing however I wonder if we are not sticking our fingers in this already tumultuous world by manipulating the weather? If so it appears we are not too good at it!

I hear all kinds of theories about this wild weather from the standard global warming right to those who feel aliens are changing our weather patterns. I recently listened to two people discuss the fact that the weather may have been made cooler in order to contain the swine flu outbreaks in some heavily populated areas where they were having lots of cases breakout. I listened as they talked about the concern of the virus becoming over powering once the summer heat hit the area. I wondered if there could be any truth in that idea at all?

All I know is that I live in a place where every June I would be spending most of my day outside in the sun - sitting by the pool or walking on the beach. This year I wear my jeans with a sweater and wonder if I will ever get to take a swim or wear my shorts this year at all? I understand in two weeks time it may be hot and normal as all our other July's but so far- this summer is the best fall weather we have had in years!

I have no idea what is going on with the weather. I just know it is not like it once was.
Be careful out there- the new lightning is dangerous and hitting places it never hit before. As always pay attention to your surroundings and understand it is not the same world it use to be.

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Regan Lee said...

Chris, as usual, we're on the same page. For a few weeks now actually, I've been holding onto an article I started about the weird weather the "strangeness of clouds," or "madness of..." and, tying it in somehow with chemtrails.

Good work, and thank you for posting it here!