Sunday, June 7, 2009

A.M. Murphy: New BOA Contributer

Tim Binnall's Binnall of America has a new writer: A.M. Murphy, who has a great first article for her "Not Always So" column. In her first column -- Perilous Objects and Ghostly Handprints:
Women in Esoterica
-- Murphy discusses women in esoteric research. While it's obvious that women have always been in the background of UFO, paranormal and Fortean studies, a subtle contradiction is at work. Women have always been firmly entrenched in esoterica; some could say the anima is of that world, hence, the on-going war from the male view against the "divine feminine." Murphy writes:
Women are still not well-represented among UFOlogists or cryptozoologists, but our leadership in the esoteric field literally goes back to prehistory. We belong here.

Graham Hancock writes about female handprints that appear in shamanic cave art from 30,000 years ago, at the very dawn of human consciousness. In the caves at Delphi, generations of female oracles are believed to have squatted over a rift in the rock, inhaling hallucinatory gases that wafted up from the belly of the earth. The Delphic oracles were routinely consulted by heads of state, as was a Biblical prophetess named Deborah who literally led 10,000 men to victory in battle.

Murphy goes on to cite more examples, following a history beginning with cave paintings to the present, along with the still very much present intent of many cultures and religions to virtually annihilate the feminine within the esoteric.

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