Tuesday, June 30, 2009


It happened again today. I was sitting on my deck typing on my laptop when I became aware of an agitating noise in the background. I did not notice it at first. You need to be in a setting without television or any type of background noise going on. There in silence you can hear it.

I do not hear this hum all the time. In fact I only recall a few other times at best when I have heard it. It is not loud or offensive. It is however annoying and nerve breaking if it goes on too long.

I also heard this noise a few weeks ago. I was sitting reading in my screened porch when I became aware of this grating non-stop humming. It is a mix of a dull diesel truck idling in the distance and the rumbling of an oil burner in your basement. It is a deep dull husky humming that can last for hours and soon lean on your last nerve causing an annoying thumbing that can drive you up a wall.

I did today what I did the day in my porch. I stopped what I was doing grabbed my car keys and went hunting along the roads and backwoods where I live looking for the source of this annoying noise. I was not able to concentrate on what I was doing as the constant dull pounding of this hum was driving me crazy so I drove around trying to find out what it was.

I would drive and stop drive and stop- turn off my car and stand in the road and listen. I followed the humming sound trying to locate the source or direction it was coming from only to find I was driving in circles. I could not find what was causing this hum and could not find a definite direction for its source. This throbbing low constant hum seemed to be everywhere yet nowhere. It was very frustrating.

I recalled reading of others who had complained that they also were suffering from this annoying hum. I knew other people all over the world were hearing this noise and also unable to locate or figure out the source of the noise.

I recalled reading an article about a town in England where the hum has been keeping the residents awake for weeks at a time. It would stop for a while only to return again. The article reads:

A mysterious humming noise which kept residents of a Suffolk town awake at night for weeks has struck up again.’

I found other articles and you tubes explaining how people all over the earth are complaining about this mysterious hum. They also are not able to figure out the source.

Recently I read a article in which a doctor who could not find a reason to easily explain this annoying noise decided (as is the way with many things that are unknown)- that the noise is in peoples imaginations. He decided they should all simply meditate the annoying hum away. I must admit this was without question the word of one who has not experienced this annoying drumming hum.

I returned home today after searching for the mysterious hum to find both my best friend and my sister sitting on my deck waiting for me. I had left in a hurry leaving my ice tea and sandwich sitting with my open running laptop on the patio table. It made them wonder where I was and gave them cause to sit and wait for me to return.

My sister had arrived first. Before I could say where I had been she asked me what that noise was. She said she noticed it as she sat waiting for me. She looked around to see if she could see a truck or some type of machinery nearby but did not notice anything. My friend arrived shortly after my sister and also remarked about the strange noise that seemed to be coming from everywhere yet not belong to anything.

I explained I was out searching for the root of that annoying rumble. I told them how I searched high and low yet found nothing that was making this background growl we all now sat listening to. I thought about the doctor who decided the sound was a fabrication of our minds and wondered how I managed to have this sound heard by both my sister and friend unless we were all having a united massive hallucination!

Throwing that idea out the window I went back to wondering exactly what was causing this hum that comes from nothing and goes with the wind. It seems to be notorious world wide for coming and going at a whim, which makes it all the more mysterious. My sister who lives about ten miles from my house told me she has heard the same hum a few times in her own yard. It is an odd occurrence that I truly have no answer to.

I have read of all kinds of explanations from high-tension wires (I have none of those near my home) to UFO’s. While discussing this on my deck as we listened to it today my friend thought maybe it was coming from below, like digging under ground or tunneling. That sent a chill down my spine as I could only wonder who or what would be doing that.

I have no ideas why I have joined many others out there who at times suffer from the annoying throbbing of this low humming noise. All I know is sometimes I hear it and when I do it is annoying.

I am curious how many others out there are also hearing this humming where they live or work? I wonder if they also are unable to locate the source of the noise. If so I would love to know about it.

For now pay attention to your surroundings and the things you hear in the dead of night. Who knows -when your least expecting it- you too may hear the mysterious earth wide sound of ‘The Hum.’

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Kithra said...

The Hum has happened here recently as well. It's been heard in the village 4 miles from me, where my daughter lives, although she hasn't heard it:


And I used to hear it when I lived in another village in Cornwall, not far from here.

But something equally as strange is that late at night, if I'm listening to my radio, I can hear the waves crashing on the sea shore; via the radio. I live by the sea, but have never heard them naturally. Of course, it doesn't happen every time, just occasionally and I find it very odd.