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Be Careful What You Wish for and Who You Invite Into Your Home in the Dead of Night!

If you consider the billions of stars that have billions of planets in the vast galaxies of the universe you can sort of figure out there are a few good chances not only that we have visitors from other places but most likely multi kinds of different life species visiting this planet.

In this universe there seems to be a positive and negative to all things. Dark and light, matter and antimatter, good and evil- you get the idea. I am sure this average of things follows along with other beings in this cosmos. I am sure just as on this planet with earthlings that there are good and bad aliens having both good and bad intentions towards others sharing the same universe.

Look at earth and the humans. We cannot get along on our own planet. I am sure for many others who may have evolved to a point of growth where they do not kill each other -our planet is extremely primitive. I am sure there are areas of the universe where solar systems exist that work and live in harmony. I also think there are areas that contain creatures as violent and ruthless as humans. I think we all exist, all are part of the big picture and we humans are simply not smart enough yet to understand it all.

With the warm weather coming in my part of the world I have been hearing whispers of plans of those who are interested in the subject of UFO’s and aliens making plans to gather together and go UFO hunting.

I think that keeping a watchful eye on the sky is a good thing to do. In fact I think if you watch long enough you will without question see something unknown and unexplained.

I also have heard about those who want to alone or in a group try to attract aliens so they can have a visit with them.

This is where I become concerned and this is where I have to drop my two cents down on the idea of calling out to the unknown with open arms.

I have been told about groups planning to meet on beaches, along open fields, in mountain ranges- all with the intention of drawing aliens to them. I have been told of groups planning to use group telepathic methods, all the way to using codes or flashes of light . I understand the over whelming desire to want to know the unknown but I also know that these practices are not safe in fact could be very dangerous.

Going back to my understanding of how this universe seems to be set up I will remind you that as sure as you are that there are aliens visiting us with good intentions there are also those who simply do not care one way or the other about our needs or desires and even others who would scoop you up to never be seen again.

I wonder if those who are inviting the unknown into their lives also open up all the windows in their house, throw all the doors open – unlocked before going to bed?

I wonder how many of the people reaching to alien contact simply open up their homes, cars, kids rooms, older parents houses, and leave it to fate to see who walks into their lives? Chances are a neighbor you know may wander by, or a nice guy who likes to collect ant farms. Maybe a number of nice lovely people will end up sitting in your living room however chances also may be you find a deranged, deadly dangerous wild man or a distraught woman who enjoys hanging kittens sitting on the end of your bed!

It would be a dangerous crazy thing to keep a open home offered to anyone who passes and it is a dangerous thing to invite other species from the unknown into your life without proper precautions.

I am curious on how you can tell what kind of alien you are hailing? What makes humans think that only the good ones will answer their call? How do you know what will respond to such invitations? What is your plan to deal with something from the unknown that you may find standing in front of you on a lonely beach, road or hilltop that may not be friendly or kind?

I know that many types of intelligent life forms had to develop throughout the universe. I also am aware we are on the lower level of the intelligent being ladder. As I always tell my fellow earthlings, before you feel all knowing and powerful remember who is visiting whom!

I am sure among the many forms of intelligent life in our universe many are kind benevolent beings curious to what we are doing on our planet. I read once that during an alien encounter a woman asked the alien standing before her what they thought of what we humans were doing to our planet. She claims the alien answered “It isn’t what your doing to your planet that concerns us as much as what your doing to each other!”

I think that aliens are not humans. I think humans need to stop giving aliens human qualities and characteristics that belong to the human species. I encounter time after time groups of humans who try to mold aliens and alien intentions into human behavior or emotions. Humans can no more expect an alien to think, act of feel about life as a human does as we can figure out what they think or feel or accept as normal.

Simply understand an Alien is NOT a human – so stop thinking and wanting to treat them that way.

Aliens may not grasp pain, or love or intrusion of personal space, or the idea that being taken against ones will is wrong. Aliens may not understand humans need to eat and have water requirements daily or that giving birth is painful. Aliens may not relate to mothers loving and wanting their own babies or families living together. Aliens may have no idea of personal choice or will – aliens are not humans so do not anticipate your meeting one will fit in with any human like agenda you have concluded in your wish to visit with one. Encounters with aliens are encounters with those we know nothing about who are not human. You must understand that. Be it good or bad you are not going to meet a perfected human you are going to meet something non-human.

I am aware I have said these things many times before however I am also aware that many simply refuse to use logic and common sense in this area and continue to spin fantasy and want before reason and safety when it comes to other life forms. Wanting something is one thing- being logical and based in reality when dealing with the unknown is another. Do not confuse your love for a fantasy world presented via Hollywood and many fanciful media outlets as fact. Fact is staring dead into black eyes of a unknown creature and having no idea what to do.

Knowing our cosmic neighbors can, will and for many already have been a wonderful adventure. It is a step on the way to belonging to our universal community for the human species.

I think this part of the growth in galactic belonging for humans needs to be handled with care and slowly as we are so vulnerable to those able to visit us while we sit stuck on our own planet.

It is only recently we earthlings have even thought about reaching past our own globe. We are being watched as we struggle but we are far from equal to those who visit and watch our progress.

The main thing we need to remember is that just because our visitors are technically advanced and older than our species that does not mean they are kind god like creatures with only our best intentions in mind. We have no idea what they think of what or us they intend to do with or about us!

It is obvious as it stands we are at the will and mercy of those visiting us. It is also obvious that there is more than one type of being visiting us. It is fair to say we are completely ignorant to whom these visitors are and who are ones we should cozy up to and which ones we should be careful in dealing with. As it stands we are clueless to these things.

Just as it is unlikely you are going to throw open your doors and windows in the dark of night while sending out inviting messages to who ever may wish to enter your home it is unwise to call out to other beings inviting them into your world, lives and homes.

Just as it would be dangerous to do among your fellow humans it is dangerous to do among your fellow cosmic neighbors. Can you be sure the nice guy down the street will show up with his wife and kids or the crazed serial ax murderer who has been hiding in the forest for the last 15 years? How would you know?

It also needs to be mentioned that it would be far easier once you did find yourself in a difficult position to defend against the ax murderer as I am positive you would have no defense against our technically advanced universal visitors.

I realize everyone wants to know the truth. I understand the world is now starting to look past its own borders of this planet and wants to expand into this huge universe we belong to. I get it that we are anxious and really curious but people- you need to do this with intelligence and care.

I look at it this way. When we are ready as a species of beings we will be introduced openly to those who visit us. As we stand, well we need a bit more work before we are cleaned up enough to meet the neighbors.

With the new cycles of the galaxy, solar system and our alignment in them comes the road to the end of times for many things on this earth. We will see changes and hard days ahead as well as the end of a dark period of hate and violence as we enter a new more balanced lighter time.

As we go down this road of the end of one cycle and the start of another we will all have choices to make about how we will live, think, behave and evolve. I think once we find our roads and begin anew we will then be on our way to joining others who also are living and experiencing this universe along with us.

Until then, be careful whom you invite home to meet the family and please be careful out there. There are many beings out there in this universe and we are just one small part of it. Walk softly and slowly down your unknown roads. It is better to see the path clearly then to jump without care off the cliff.

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