Tuesday, June 16, 2009

On Binnall of America: Great Stuff!!!!!

From the women at Binnall (me, Lesley, Richelle Hawks, Tina Sena, Lasha Seniuk and A.M. Murphy) we have:
Lesley's Grey Matters column: Dulce - Nothing is New, which addressed the point that, regardless of whether or not there is a government-alien base underground, there is a history of very weird events going on in the area, and have been going on for some time. Lesley also looks at cow mutilations, and recent theories about the cause.

Richelle Hawks has a great piece. Leave it to Richelle to make connections between fashion, Japanese culture, WWII, and Lolita: Occult Exchanges: Manga, Lolita Fashion, and the Bomb

The newest contributors to Binnall are A.M. Murphy, and I like her first two articles very much. Her recent column is titled Everything You Wanted to Know About Channeling (But Were Afraid to Ask) and Lasha Seniuk, her latest is Where Does Your Naga Hide? which, for many reasons, is an extremely cool and powerful article.

In fact, it seems that Binnall has given us the gift of not only esoteric writers, but spiritual writers. Reading Lasha and A.M. Murhpy, (and experiencing other events that I won't go into) I realized I do a lot of slightly embarrassed half-assed apologizing for my so-called New Age self, if you want to use that term. My insecurities and problem. No more. I've moved on a bit... more on that in future columsn for BOA, maybe. Who can say.

Tina Sena writes about The Way of the Sword, and in the piece, Tina has a very interesting take on the symbolism on The Tree of Life.

My latest is on a haunted hotel in the coastal town of Newport in Oregon at the unique Sylvia Beach Hotel.

Aside from us dames, there are other great contributors at Binnall; Richard Thomas, who writes a lot on sci-fi, his latest is A Sci Fi Worlds Interview with Richard Holland. Thomas brings us a lot real gems via Binnall of America.

There are other columns worth checking out that aren't regular, but archived, like Wrath of Joe and Khyron.

Binnall also offers free podcasts with incredible guests, be sure to listen. I'm glad his latest is with the Swedish UFO researcher Clas Svahn; I think the UFO research in the U.S. ignores UFO research from other countries for the most part. Nice to have this available, even though I haven't had time to listen to it yet! But hopefully I'll get to it tonight!


Bruce Duensing said...

The emotional intelligence of all these writers including yourself is a welcome relief from didactic pronouncements that often strike me as existential rather than personal.
I am heartened to see the return of Isis and her children to take their rightful place in a dialog, as Lesley pointed out, that does not require black or white, right or wrong as a supposition before conversing.
Best Wishes

Regan Lee said...

Bruce, thank you for those positive words, it means a lot, coming from you.