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The End of one Cycle the Start of Another

Conversations – Being Ready for 2012

During the last year I have read a great deal of material concerning what may happen to this earth and the earthlings on it over the period of time known as 2012.

I have talked to many of those who have theories about or study the science behind the fears of the 2012 time period.

My conclusions and those of my family are that we feel something not only is going to take place, but have already actively begun on this earth.

Look at the great storms and natural disasters that have already been hitting this earth causing loss of life and destruction from China to California. It seems something is hitting, burning, or erupting all over the earth at a rather regular cycle.

I know from simply being alive that climate change is a part of our world. I also know we are living in a time of hostile hatred and constant threat of the next world war.

Add into these things the fact we are now due for cycle changes in the alignment of our planets, solar eruptions that will knock out our communications and power and we seem to be far from the light at the end of the tunnel. I would say we are about half way into the tunnel with the most difficult part of the journey yet to come.

I have not mentioned pole flips or many of the other items I could to the list of what is due and natural to come at this time in our cycle of things. Nature does what nature does be it on this planet, or in this solar system or in this universe. The cycles ride and flow and begin and end and we have no choice but to ride along and survive the best we can as nature does it thing.

The good news is that all of these things have happened before and all these things will happen again. Knowing that the earth is still here tells me the earth will continue to stand once again as it flows along with all the changes of the solar system line up and the actions of the sun. This will go on until our sun dies and that is not due to happen for billions of years.

Mankind is here. Mankind was alive the last time we had many of these cycle changes and mankind will survive this one too. I did not say every single human here today will make it through the rough times ahead, I said mankind will survive as it did when the earth went through the growing or aging pains it is now going to enter into again.

We will sadly see many perish as we have in the last Tsunami or earthquakes. We will have people die in war and hate, we will have problems when we are tossed into darkness by hitting solar flares and may even see hunger, fighting and natures storms thin out the masses. It is sad, it is likely to occur and it is real.

It also is apparent that as we enter the new cycles of nature and leave the old- mankind feels a pull of darkness and despair. This darkness before the new dawn seems to have the inhabitants of this planet acting in extremely dangerous ways, which may add to the loss of life that can occur during these natural cycle changes coming at this planet.

This is really difficult to talk about as so much of what is happening, and which may happen, could be handled if we joined together and worked as one with nature through out these coming events. Of course the time for that joint venture is basically behind us. We seem instead to have set our path ahead with blind eyes and ignorance.

Right now this very day you can ask those around you if they have thought about or prepared for the probable problems that the next few years may bring to us? I will tell you the response you will receive before you even ask that question. Most will laugh at you, call you names, and try to make you the fool. Humans do not like to discuss that which they do no understand. It is the earthling’s way to attack, that which is unknown until it is shoved like a brick wall in front of them.

Of course these are the same people who have no idea what 2012 means or have any knowledge on the changing universal cycles coming our way not to mention changes in our sun, which will directly concern us with power and communication problems.

My family and I have never been ones to leave things to chance. We would rather be ready and not need what we have then in trouble and finding we have to fight for survival. For us being prepared is far easier.

I spoke with a group of people who have been studying the sun and cycles of our solar system and asked them what they were doing privately as they are the people who have the first hand information on the events heading towards us.

I had two ideas of how they would respond. I thought a few would tell me they have yet to do anything at all. I truly believed at least one of two would give me that answer. I also thought I may be told they were taking precautions similar to getting ready for a bad storm. Canned goods, a few extra supplies, that sort of thing.

I was told by everyone I questioned on the matter of the world changes that are due to occur that they ALL were far more prepared then I would have ever imagined. They all were going to have three weeks to three months food and life needing supplies at hand. They all had alternate heat sources of either gas or wood or both to keep warm and cook and boil water, and they all had short wave radios. I was told if our communications and electric grid goes down the only way to know what is going on in this world will be by way of short wave radio’s. Sadly I was also informed that they all had some form of protection against others at hand.

I must admit I was shaken hard into reality as I spoke with those I asked. Most of the people I asked were quiet intellectual type people and hearing the words of survival spoken from them with the detail and seriousness they talked to me concerning this subject – made me clearly understand I had to prepare too for what may come.

I felt it my human obligation to say my part on this subject to those who take the time to read what I write. I do not want to be an alarmist but on the other hand I would die of guilt if I did not at least say something on this subject so others out there may have the chance to look into or maybe prepare for what may be heading towards us over the next few years to come. You can always chalk me up to being a fool or laugh at me. I would rather have you do that then for me to say nothing and know if that day comes- that you needed to be warned and prepared- and I did not speak out. So to live with myself I am writing this essay on what may be coming this way hoping you too consider preparing for the worst of times yet hope for the best instead.

I would think it a well-known subject by this point in time, 2012, but to my amazement many still do not understand it. I mentioned the fact that many world cycles and events are due to hit our planet like pole flip and solar flares in one of those big Internet chat rooms a few days before deciding to write this article. I wanted to see just how much if anything the average public knew or thought about this subject. That is when I knew that it was not really understood or talked about at all outside of the paranormal world.

When I tried to explain that we could lose our power grid the people responded by telling me they would use their computers to find out what was going on. I guess they do not realize that computers, TV’s, radios, cell phones, land line phones, every single thing you plug in, street lights, red lights, all will be gone with we lose the power grid. I was stunned at how I was ignored and felt very sorry for so many who may walk into the unknown of our future completely unprepared. During this experiment of bring up 2012 in an area that did not typically discuss these things a man did make a very snide remark to me that there were always smoke signals that he could send out. Everyone had a good laugh and I realized I was wasting my time with this particular group of people.

I did find it almost astounding that the very next day that the smoke signal comment was made I found an article on the Internet that told of a study researching Navajo smoke signals! It was suggested to me that having knowledge of these things might not be such a bad idea when being faced with a sudden collapse of our modern day communication systems. I will include the link to this article at the bottom of this page.

I often wonder if the increased sightings and showing of their existence the past few years by other visiting life forms is due to the fact they understand what is coming and are watching over areas of the cosmos to ride the changing cycles along with us. I would love to know what involvement with our governing powers really includes knowledge being received by way of our visitors?

I also wonder if these coming events and earth changes are related somehow to those large encampments being built all over the country. I often wonder about many things I do not understand. It is what keeps me alert for that which I can understand and keeps me one foot closer to moving along the road of the unknown.

I do not think for a moment nor did any of the people of science I spoke to that we are coming to the end of time or life on this planet. In fact I have a personal problem with those who use this for their own agenda’s and proclaim nothing but doomsday and death when discussing 2012 when it fits more closely into natural cycles and seasons of the universe.

My opinion is simply we may be headed for a few rough spots in the road that we need to prepare for. I think mankind and the earth have traveled this road before and we both will to do it again. We may need to buckle up while the ride gets a bit bumpy but if prepared this too will all pass.

In my private life my family and I have taken measures to secure for what may come with supplies and heat sources and a short wave radio. Whatever we feel we may need we will do. We look at it this way, if we need it we are ready, if not we have nothing really to lose as there are always storms or black outs so nothing will go to waste. I would rather in this case be safe rather than sorry. It is the old wisdom of I would rather have it and not need it rather then need it and not have it.

What ever you decide is your own life choice. I simply needed to take this time to offer this warning so I can soundly sleep at night knowing I did.

May we never need a thing we prepare for, this I will pray for us all.

Smoke Signals article can be found @

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