Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Just for Fun: A Little Bear Synchronicity

I had a dream about tigers and bears the night before last. In the dream, I was me, in the present, but living in the house I grew up in in California. Jim was there with me and my mother and siblings; typical dream like logic, it was both then and now. The only difference in the landscape of the place was the backyard, while looking the same, was much bigger, a couple of acres.

Someone just drops by and gives me a few tigers, and a few brown bears. The bears were grizzly like, but not grizzlies. Both animals were very sweet, just doing their thing, everyone got along. The animals weren't adults yet, varied in sizes and age, but all were young, to varying degrees. While they seemed to be having a good time, I was worried about a few things.

Feeding them, for one. I was kind of getting by feeding them cat food and scraps but knew this wasn't healthy for them. I was concerned about the expense. I was very concerned about the time when, as they grew, they'd realize they could eat each other; I was worried the bears would attack the tigers, or the tigers would attack the bears. I was't judging the animals for this, it was simply their nature, but still . . . and I was worried about their well being. Cooped up in a small place like this, not good for them. They needed lots of room.

So I call the Fish and Wildlife guy to come get them, but I make it every clear the animals were not to be harmed in any way! If he was going to kill them, forget it. He assured me no such thing would happen, but did want to know who gave the animals to me, since it was illegal. I told him I wasn't a fink and I wasn't going to say.

He takes the animals, and they're fine, much happier.

I wake up, feeling good about the dream but intrigued -- what the hell did all that mean? Then I visit Lesley's Debris Field blog, which I do first thing every morning, and find she had a dream about bears the same night!

Then I go into work, and find the bear story still out; I had planned to read it Friday but my sub didn't have time to get to it, so it was the first thing I saw on the table; a big glossy picture of a bear!

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