Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Black Cat Tarot

Feeling like I just needed it, I bought myself the Black Cat tarot today at a wonderful shop in Newport -- Things Rich and Strange. They also have a store not far up 101 in Depoe Bay.
I was drawn to this deck; not sure why, but kept going back to it, even though there weren't display cards for this deck. This is the card I drew: The Fool. Always a favorite Major Arcana card for me.

Black Cat Tarot: The Fool

I didn't have anything specific in mind when I drew the card, (so very tired and frazzled!)  maybe a general thought about where I am right now in this family health situation; all the balancing and working with different family members and my own self. Part of me has been feeling like I'm the crazy person here with various "quirks" let's say, as well as my work with oracles, yet I have been receiving supportive and insightful feedback from others in the family. Where I see unraveling within myself, they see strength. I am surprised and grateful for that. So this card, The Fool, reminds me that I am who I am, different, as we all are, unique, and that is okay. It is not only okay, it is good.

The card itself: I noticed right away this card shows a white cat, not black. whereas all the other cards are of course black cats, except for one other card. The booklet that comes with the deck says, of The Fool, that the white cat "represents freedom..." and "...he knows the most profound wisdom means remaining humble before the mystery of creation." This is a good card -- The Fool always has been, for me -- but of course in any reading this card's meaning shifts in relation to surrounding cards.

Something made me buy this deck today, even without seeing the whole deck, but it seems it's just what I needed. I love the illustrations and the philosophy in the interpretations. I think I'll use this as my "carry" deck -- the one I always keep in my purse when I'm out and about. Seems appropriate given a cat's wandering ways!

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