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Family Lines of Those Taken and Confused Events of the Unknown

Talking to abductees and lost time encounter people you find similar threads that seem to run along the stories. For a long time we all have been aware that abductions and lost time events tend to occur in family lines. You will often find that a few members of one family have experienced unknown events. These family lines can follow generations having members continue in the line of those who have been taken or encountered lost time events for decades if not longer.

I know two sisters who live on Long Island New York. Both sisters have had paranormal events occur since their childhoods. Both sisters have suffered lost time events; and both have suffered physical problems after their events.

One sister has been abducted about four times during her lifetime. The other recalls only two. They are interesting people who do not openly talk about their encounters nor do they look for attention in any way due to their experiences.

Recently I spent the afternoon with both sisters. During our time together we talked about how experiences of the unknown seem to follow along family lines.

The sisters told me that their father was clearly an abductee who lived his entire life time never figuring it out!

The sisters had known of his plight since they were young children but knew that their father was terrified of the idea of UFO's and Aliens. The family never dared to suggest to him that all his highly unusual experiences were most likely connected exactly to what he feared most.

Now they realize that their Dads extreme fear of UFO's and Alien visitors came from what he had been experiencing his entire life. His denial concerning these things was his way of rejecting any connection to him and that, which terrified him. Their dad lived his lifetime giving other explanations to the strange events he encountered.

The sisters told me the story of their father’s experiences, which started in his life around the age of 14.

He was working on a barge during his 14th summer as a water boy for a bridge building construction project off the Ocean coast of Long Island. The year was 1931.

One summer’s night he somehow was left on the barge over night when the construction crew forgot to wait for him and returned to the mainland without him.

The man (who was a boy at the time) sat alone in a shed type covering trying to sleep until morning when the work crew would return. He told his daughters that as he sat looking at the night sky he noticed a big ball of light coming across the ocean towards the barge. He did not know what it was and crawled as far into the only covering he had to try to protect himself against what he thought might be a approaching rain and lightning storm.

He only recalled a blinding strike of light from that point forward. The next thing he recalled was waking the next morning lying out on the open deck of the construction barge.

His shirt was gone and he was cold and sore all over his body. He had a small burn on his back but otherwise seemed to be ok. He was sick and threw up over and over.

When the construction crew arrived they listened to the half naked boy standing before them with the burn on his back, still vomiting and decided he had been hit by lightning.

The men decided the lightning must have burned his shirt right off of his body. They gave him a buttered role and cup of coffee and told him he could rest until they were ready to leave that night. The man slept that day on the barge and returned to the mainland that night with the work crew. No one seemed to be concerned or consider any other explanation besides lightning for what had happened to the boy that night alone out in the Atlantic Ocean.

The sisters father accepted that explanation and often told people the story of how he survived a lightning strike that burned his shirt completely off his back!. Of course people would listen to the story and just look at each other. Few ever felt he had been hit by and survived a freak lightning strike that night.

The man then claimed to have had other similar lighting strikes hit him at other times over his lifetime.

Once when he was walking down the street one beautiful summers night on his way home when he was in his early 20’s.

He was walking along when all of a sudden out of nowhere a bolt of lightning came out of the sky hitting him and knocking him out cold.

He woke up about a hundred feet down the road with his shirt lying next to him and his shoes nowhere in sight. Again this man told others that for a second time lightning hit him from no where - ripped his shirt off his back and blew his shoes off with such force they were never seen again!

He felt the lightning was so powerful it lifted and threw him the hundred feet down the road. The fact he was not burned or harmed did not seem odd to him. He also suffered severe vomiting for a week after this encounter similar to the event when he was 14.

This man was convinced this event was also from a lightning strike. Without any other answer available his explanation of what was happening to him was mostly met with blank stares and confusion.

During his lifetime of over 84 years this man encountered other events. One such event occurred while sitting in his yard with his wife on a clear summers night. As they sat drinking ice tea enjoying the lovely evening a hula-hoop sized orb of blue light blasted through the yard circling them before heading straight up and out of sight. Once again the only reason that was considered was lighting, this time ball lightning.

I imagine all the events that occurred to this man over his lifetime could be chalked up to his incredible attraction with lightning of all kinds sizes and shapes. However the fact he also attracted ghosts makes his encounters a bit more obvious when thought of with today’s understanding of the paranormal.

This man reported three separate experiences during his adult life when he became face to face with what he thought and described as a ghost.

He reported the first encounter while walking along a beach where he was working during the construction of the original Robert Mosses Bridge that was built between Fire Island and Long Island in New York.

He was walking alone along the beach front when he saw a white glowing form walking towards him about a hundred feet in front of him.

The man stopped in his tracks and immediately decided he was looking at a ghost. Without hesitation he turned around and at a full run - ran back to the jobsite and the other men on the construction site. He told the men that he saw something very ghostly walking along the beach. The men all had a laugh and teased him yet no one would agree to return with the man for a better look.

Years later this man was once again working along the coast of Long Island. This time he was with another man who was helping him set up a machine that was needed on another construction site along the waterfront.

The two men were working when they both noticed a figure walking along the beach again about 100 feet away from where they were working. This figure was a woman who at first seemed to be dressed in a white flowing summers dress.

As she got closer to the men they could see that the woman appeared to be blond and also transparent? At once the men both realized they were not looking at a human and both became extremely frightened and started to yell and run back to where they had their cars parked in a nearby parking lot. The men piled into the closest vehicle, which belonged to my friend’s father, and roared away from the site as fast as they could drive.

Both men were really shaken by this event and both refused to return to this job site as they felt it was haunted and the sight of that ghost so clear and real terrified them to the point they would not return.

Towards the end of the mans life in the 1990's this man and his wife were on winter vacation on the eastern coast of Florida. The man and his wife reported seeing a bright light from their balcony over looking the ocean. Under the light stood what appeared to be a strange man on the beach directly below this bright light.

The old couple told their family the light seemed to be suspended like a star but was round and rotated changing color from a pastel pink to white. Under this light they reported watching a strange tall thin man dressed in a white divers suit walking in long fast strides along the shore until all of a sudden he simply disappeared before their eyes. The bright light in the sky just slowly started to dim until it was gone.

The two senior citizens did find this a very strange event to witness but were not sure it was alien in nature. Again they considered ghosts or angels.

The daughters of this man and woman understood that their parents processed the strange events they encountered in life with the reference and knowledge they had to do so. For them to understand what was happening they used spiritual, ghostly or Mother Nature’s lightning to reason out what was happening to and around them.

The mans overwhelming fear of the subject of UFO’s and Aliens made it clear to those aware of his dilemma that there was much more to this story. This is where family ties come into the picture as the problems this man had during his lifetime carried on to his children. His children continued on with his legacy with the unknown.

All of his children reported encounters with other beings and crafts from childhood until the present time. They all have experienced lost time events and have sighted strange lights and objects during their adult lives.

Two have physical wounds resulting from lost time events. The difference with the man and his children is that they understand they are not dealing with lightning or ghosts. The children of this man understand they seem to have inherited a family attraction to them via the same beings that apparently followed their father through out his lifetime.

This case brings forth two interesting parts of the Alien UFO agendas and the human race.

The first is this case seems to add to the list of those who have been telling us that aliens seem to attach them selves to and follow family lines.

The other is that many lifetime encounters with humans and aliens may have gone unknown or easily missed due to the fact the encounters were misinterpreted as other things.

Obviously in the case of the sisters father chances are great that the man had been abducted and taken more than once in his life as well as encountered aliens. It was considered what people at the time could reference to and so labeled ghostly or lightning.

It makes me wonder how many stories or facts left to us by our ancestors which report objects and beings from the sky were alien in nature yet explained in the only way those seeing them could make sense or reference to them with their limited knowledge of the unknown. We all process what we see with the knowledge of the world and universe around us. If our knowledge is limited so is the understanding of what we are experiencing.

I wonder how many of us know of similar stories that they have heard that may also be confused descriptions of abductions, or alien interference with the human race?

Of course we have many areas of the paranormal that we are yet to understand however I think in time we will be able to categorize many of these things into visitation by other life forms. I also think that in our future Aliens will be part of the known spectrum of life forms and the universe clearly understood. What we now consider scary sci-fi movie material will one day be common knowledge.

My hope is that one-day we will all decide to face these subjects as science we are yet to understand and stop living our Dark Age approach to them. It is time we move head first into that which we simply do not understand. If we are being taken I think it is time for us to understand by who and why?

Keep in mind next time you see something you can not fit into your realm of known objects or creatures that you may be seeing something or someone we have yet to identify or understand. I would always approach the unknown with great care and safety but consider many things to come not monsters under the bed as much as science we do not yet understand. With that said never place your self in danger or walk blindly into a situation you do not know. Radiation is science we understand and it is deadly to a human. Realize much of what we yet do not understand may be equally as dangerous and always handle the unknown with respect and care.

Be careful out there and pay attention to your surrounding and always keep looking up!

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