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How to Protect Yourself During an Alien Encounter

I have talked to many Abductees and lost time people over the past year. I have found common threads that clearly occur in both lost time and abduction cases.

When I started to find myself repeating similar factors in the reported encounters of those I interviewed I thought I could sew these similar threads together to form a list of what to do and not do to protect others from becoming the victims of these mysterious encounters with the unknown.

The first thing that comes to light with each case is the fact that those taken or who are victims of lost time events are always alone or with one other person. Most often the person is alone. I have taken reports of couples that reported lost time experiences. I am sure there are reports of groups or families who have had both abduction and or lost time encounters but I have only had experience with interviewing singular abductions and lost time events.

I have found the people who have suffered these experiences to have the main factor of their experiences based around periods of time they were alone. The next factor that repeats itself in these cases is that the people are often taken at dusk or at night.

I did interview people who were in dark woods or sunset fields. I do not find many taken during the light of day. The people who reported these experiences also have told me that the surrounding that they were taken from always were situated in an area that other people could not easily view due to it being in an isolated landscape such as a field or wooded park or deserted beach.

Others have reported Abductions in dark alleyways between buildings or structures that separate the victims from being seen by the ongoing business of routine living. A victim may be working in a large super store with hundreds of cars parked in front of the building with the store packed with shoppers, however the back of the building may be dark and isolated from the view of others. This would be the perfect scenario for an abduction to take place. Of course most seem to occur while the people are in open lonely areas at night but there have been cases of people being taken from dark spots in the middle of populated areas.

Driving while on deserted or lonely roads are always a favorite place of choice for those who take us. It seems to be an easy place to remove and replace those who are abducted for obvious reasons. I find many lost time reports occur while the victim is traveling alone at night on roads less populated with a regular flow of traffic. It can be a side road running along side a heavily traveled highway. As long as it is dark, lonely and easily accessed it is a perfect spot to pick up a lonesome human driving alone. Not only is it easy to abduct them, it is a good place to return them without an audience or interference.

I recently went to the small town where I live to pick up a few last minute items at the market in town. My town is very New England like in design. It is a small little village with one Main street which has remained the same for the last hundred or so years. My town is located on the north shore coast of Long Island facing the Long Island Sound, which separates us from Connecticut.

Located at the end of my town facing the Long Island Sound and Connecticut is the

town’s harbor dock and park. By the time sunset hits in winter this part of town becomes deserted and lost in the dark night that blends easily into the dark water of the habor. It is a surround of dark blue with bright stars overhead and gentle waves slapping against the bulkhead of the deserted dock. I like this time of day in town and often will drive down to the harbor to stand and look out to the open water and star lit sky as night drifts in across our small town.

I picked up my goods from the small market on Main Street, and decided to drive down to the end of town to take in the approaching night before heading home. A hand full of people where standing around the main dock of the harbor walking their dogs and checking ropes on docked boats. I wanted to have that special look of the open sea before I headed back home. I drove my car to the end of the harbor parking lot and got out of my car. I walked out to the end of the last dock in the harbor park that jets directly out to the harbor opening to the Long Island Sound. I was standing there taking in the beauty of the water and the sky when I noticed one very bright very round orb light heading towards the town. It was coming in off the water at a rapid rate of speed.

I knew at once it was not an airplane or helicopter. The speed was incredible and the orb changed direction twice over the sound without reducing its speed. I did not miss a beat, not one beat. I turn and ran at full speed to my car. I did not turn around; I did not care what it was. I ran to my car with every bit of speed I could muster. I started my car and took off with my foot pressed to the metal forcing that vehicle to fly as fast as it could back to the main dock.

I stopped once where the few people were gathered who remained at the waters edge and yelled to them something odd was at the end of the dock and for them to get out of there and return to town.

I did exactly what was needed to protect myself from a potentially dangerous situation. It took me many years to train myself to remain focused in the grips of an unknown experience.

Years ago I would have hesitated and watched that odd light to see if it really was something unusual. Years ago I may think locking myself in my car would be enough to protect me incase it was something unknown heading my way. Years ago I may have used my cell phone to call the town’s police and waited for them to arrive. But now after interviewing all I have about abductions and lost time, I know better.

There are certain things we all need to keep in the back of our minds during these times of ongoing reports of sightings, abduction and lost time events. First they are happening all over the world all of the time. Second they are not experiences you want to endure and should be looked at as things you should protect yourself from. The unknown is exactly that things we do no understand or know and things we need to handle with care and suspicion.

The first way to protect your self is to stay away from isolated areas especially at dust or dark times of day. Do not linger in dark lonely areas; try to stay in eyesight of others. If forced to work in dangerous areas do it quickly and try to do bring or turn on lights if possible.

The key to overall protection in these situations is the same as all safety rules. Do not allow your self to be found alone in dark lonely areas. This also applies to driving. Try not to drive alone on dark roads that are not near or traveled by constant traffic. Most all abductions and lost time events occur while the people are on that one lonely dark stretch of road. If possible keep your travel route along the populated roadways.

If you think you have sighted a strange craft immediately call others to view it with you. Safety is in numbers as well as credence you actually did witness a sighting. Never stand alone or out in the open when viewing something unknown. You are risking your safety and those around you. Retreat to safety, find as many people as possible, lock yourself into what ever structure you have to escape to and light up the area as bright as possible. Call the police, and your neighbors. Try to draw as many people as possible to your location. If you need to yell for help remember yell fire and not UFO’s or you may be ignored or deserted by the other people around you. What ever you do, never willingly go towards the object or stand dumbfounded at the sight of the unknown before you. In times of events of the unknown you must first and foremost control your emotions and focus on what you need to do to survive the event unharmed.

If you do encounter a lost time event or feel you have been abducted do not panic. The fact is you will most likely be returned and not recall what or where you have been taken. You may feel ill or have markings or bruises on your body. You may suffer burn type areas on your arms legs or abdomen. You may feel drugged and sick to your stomach for a few days, but mainly you will recover and survive. If you are able to see a doctor you may want to be checked and have your regular blood tests done. You may suffer dreams of unknown origin and repeat these nightmares for years ahead. You may have many symptoms ranging from a slight pain in your head to extreme reports of internal damage.

The most important thing for you to remember is that you are not alone. Many others walking this earth have experienced abduction and or lost time events. You may want to join a support group like F.T.T.O.U.F.O where others who have had similar experiences join to discuss and help one another. You may also want to be careful of those who want to exploit you for their gain or have you hypnotized to recall your encounter. I would strongly suggest you stay away from all those ideas and people. Find others who have gone through the same events. I do believe unless you have experienced certain things you cannot understand them. Trying to explain childbirth to a man is like trying to explain the terror and violation of abduction to those who have not been abducted. You can get the idea across but one can never truly understand the raging terror or the pain of forced violation by creatures that are not human unless they have experienced it.

I write this article with a hopeful heart the public with start to seriously recognize the fact that the unknown has become far wider known now due to the access of the Internet, digital cameras and video ability of the masses across the world. I think it nearly impossible if not ridiculous to try to remain a cold closed skeptic to the idea of many things going on around, above and below us that we simply do not understand. I think laughing it off or simply closing our minds to things we do not understand ignorant and extremely dangerous. Please consider the things I have written about today and keep them in the back of your mind for your safety and that of your loved ones.

The reports of Abduction, sightings and lost time are on the rise. To think these things are just going to go away because you do not want to deal with them just will not work any more. The best thing you can do is think about some of the things we have talked about in articles like this one.

If one day you find you are smack in the middle of an unknown event try to keep calm. Try to focus on the best course of action to first and foremost protect your self and those around you. Once you have people around you, positioned yourself in a safe environment and called for help, then try to photograph, video and make notes of everything you see and hear. Most of all know what you see or experience may be the most incredible experience of your life. Know you are not alone and know this knowledge will in time expand your view of life and mankind. Seeing what others tell you do not exist is an enormous life-changing event. If you do experience such an adventure do it with safety and under your terms and control.

Remember people there are many unknowns out there and somewhere someday we may all experience a paranormal walk down an unknown road! Keep looking up and always pay attention to your surroundings who knows what lurks beyond the next dark highway.

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