Friday, March 6, 2009

Echoes of the Georgia Bigfoot Hoax?

Fringe world is barely recovering from the Georgia Bigfoot body hoax, and now we get images of an alien body from Mexico. Mexico's UFO researcher Jaime Maussan has brought this story out, as has Joshua P. Warren, who recently appeared on Coast to Coast. The video clip link posted there leads us to the They Don't See Through Us blog, but the clip has been removed from YouTube. Not surprising, but frustrating.

If this was a once living creature of any kind, it's a sordid and gratuitous episode: capturing the thing, trying to drown it, putting the body in acid, killing it... finally succeeding. Adding to the seedy mystery is the tale that the rancher who found it was later killed, burning to death in his car. No proof or evidence of this, yet the story remains.

Other possibilities: monkey caught in a trap, found already dead, or, killed, etc. Rancher either tried to pass it off as a hoax, or genuinely thought it was odd.. endless speculation on motivations.

There are the obvious symbolic images and "twilight language" aspects of this story: the Mexican "alien," the deaths, the burnings,sacrifice ... the typical paranormal, esoteric happenings; removed YouTube clip, unsubstantiated stories.

There's talk of DNA testing in the works, all the usual. A lot of comments about a dead monkey, passed off as an alien. Questions about why would a well known UFO researcher such as Maussan, get involved in something like this?

Whatever it turns out to be and of course, it is not an alien from space, it is, on the one hand, creepy even, but on the other, business as usual. These things happen all the time in fringe world.


Kithra said...

Very well said, Regan. And I'm in total agreement with your sentiments.

LOLA said...

Hi Regan. I own the "They Don't See Through Us" blog and am still able to view the video from my page.

You can also still watch it from the original source: