Friday, March 6, 2009

Chemtrails: Are You Becoming A Conspiracy Theorist?

Are You Becoming A Conspiracy Theorist? | Gather

I came across that post earlier today.

It kind of irritated me because chemtrails have nothing to do with being a conspiracy theorist.

Quite a while back, like many people, I believed chemtrails were just contrails. However, after observing them for a while I came to the conclusion that they were not.

The first thing that drew my attention to them was actually seeing UFOs flying into them. Unknown orbs and cigar shaped objects.

After that I began paying more attention and I noticed that these trails are only made by certain planes. Unmarked white planes to be exact. Unlike contrails they do not quickly fade and I have recorded the same trail being in the sky for over 4 hours.

It isn't conspiracy theory -- anyone paying attention can figure out that these trails are different than the ordinary contrail.

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Regan Lee said...

Good post Lesley. Like you said, I thought the whole chemtrail thing was a non-issue, and those who thought there was something to it were into a "conspiracy." But I started to look, and so did my husband; we just kept looking UP and reading, etc. and yep, as you know, they are there. They're up there! Chris Holly wrote something about this on UFO Digest awhile ago; about people not only not looking up, but refusing to look up, even when others around them are looking, and, commenting, on the weirdness right above their heads.

If they're "normal" contrails (which they aren't) what are those orb like machines doing up there?

Colin Bennett wrote a very good piece about chemtrails; don't remember the name but google his name with chemtrail and it'll come up.

There is a conspiracy and it comes from those who debunk or deny that there's anything to this.

These are physical things up there. So, no conspiracy. There are strange anomalous phenomena along with them, so, no conspiracy.

True, some have different reasons for what they are, and one could say those ideas, some of them, might be conspiracy theories, but I think the explanations (UFOs cloaking themselves, biological warfare on the citizens, etc.) are not enough, and not enough to hold them together, that it's accuarate to say there are conspiracy theories.

Years ago I commented on a forum about the weird trails in my town and the synchronicity; we had just been dicussing the weird shapes of these things, and I go outside, and there were two huge "X's" in the sky, that bent downward, side by side, with odd angles, like "elbows" ... I mentioned this FACT. I didn't put any reasons onto it; i.e., "the aliens are coming!" or, "The government's trying to kill us" just stated the fact that there were two extremely odd shapes in the sky. One person in particular became very nasty; calling me names, making fun, some accused me of lying.

The response to the idea of chemtrails, like UFOs, is as interesting as the phenomena itself.