Saturday, November 10, 2007

Shirely MacLaine on Sage-ing, Age-ing and Aliens

Shirley MacLaine

MacLaine appeared briefly on the Larry King show Friday night to speak about UFOs a bit. The show itself was dedicated to UFOs -- and, as always, sigh, they had a “skeptic” on, this time James Oberg, who pathologically insisted every UFO case brought up by the panel was “misinterpretation.” At one point, he pretty much did call them lairs. But that’s another story.

Here’s an interview with MacLaine from the Wall Street Journal: Shirley MacLaine on Memoir, Metaphysics And the 'Overwhelming Presence of Aliens' with writer Jeffrey A. Trachtenberg.

MacLaine has a new book out “Sage-ing While Age-ing” and I like that title. I’m aging myself, and have been thinking a lot about the “sage-ing” part. The interview covers the book, her work in film, and her metaphysical work and beliefs.

Here’s part of what MacLaine said in response to a question about aliens: What are your views on alien life?

Ms. MacLaine: The presence of extra terrestrial life is fairly overwhelming, and I think it's time we looked at that. The world needs help, and from what I'm gathering they are there to help. They have shown up. They have taken certain people aboard their craft, including some who went willingly. What the star beings were saying was to be very careful about what we're doing on earth.

I think there has been a culture of concealment. Many are afraid of humiliation. Pilots have been fired because they encountered UFOs. People are reluctant to face what they see in their own lives. The visitors are here; there is no question. They are asking to be acknowledged. The governments of the world should release their files. Ours hasn't. It would be good to have more disclosure.

There’s also a little video of MacLaine talking about aliens on the website.

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