Monday, November 12, 2007

Lesley of Debris Field: Zorgy!

It's Zorgy award time. Last year I was nominated; no such thing this year! Very sad. Taught me a lesson though: you gotta nominate yourself!

Even though I'm not up for anything, lots of good people and places are, including Lesley of Debris Field.

So go over to The Other Side of Truth blog, (home and creator of the Zorgy awards) where you can vote, and cast your vote!


Lesley said...

Yeah, I nominated myself for news site. I nominated the orange orb for best ufo blog though and I was surprised that it wasn't nominated. I think maybe it was because of all the BOT members nominating Oddthings, not that there is anything wrong with that. So yeah, nominate yourself next time, we all need all the nominations and votes we can get, even if they are our own. :-)

R. Lee said...

Thanks Lesley!

Hmmm, aren't all nominations automatically up for voting? Not sure about that.

Good luck!


Lesley said...

I am pretty sure that only 4 from each category are up for voting because I had a couple other nominations that weren't listed too.