Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Howe and Comments: The Final Comment

In conclusion of the Howe/Zorgy Designation . . .

Thanks to everyone who commented: wow, had no idea something like this would generate so many comments.!

Some interesting points have been made: one is concerning Adamski as a child molester. I had not heard that before; and would like to know more. (I don’t remember Bennett referring to that in his book Looking for Orthon; it may be, but it seems I would have recalled something like that.) However, when I say “I’d like to know more” I mean facts, not rumors or someone’s opinion. Anyone with legitimate sources, etc. to point me towards is appreciated.

As to Howe as a researcher, okay. We all have opinions. However, the allegations about her “highjacking” or plagiarizing (because that what it really sounds like the commentator was saying) needs to be fact and not a vague rumor. I don’t know, so I can’t say either way.

My issue isn’t arguing with the truth, my issue is making sure we all know what the truth is, not just throwing out rumors. If it’s your opinion, be clear on that. If it’s something you say you know is ‘true,’ back it up.

Loren Coleman made the comment that my post here might generate more votes for LMH as the worst over on the Zorgy poll. To that I said, well, if my little opinions (or anyone’s) on a thing causes someone to vote a certain way out of spite or who knows what -- that says a whole lot about them and their petty and/or shallow ways.

This is the only point, that still seems to escape some individuals, gathering from the posts left here. And that is the context, as I said before. The point is this:

If anyone thinks Howe deserves the “worst” designation over people who intentionally and casually played with someone’s mind (Paul Bennewitz) just because they could, and because they thought it would get them somewhere, it’s a sad blip within UFOlogy.

And if you can’t get that, oh well.

Comments are now closed, and thanks to all who stopped by and put in their two cents. Always appreciated!