Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tina Sena: Esotericana

Our contributor Tina Sena's current column over at Binnall of America:How To Make The Perfect Paranormal TV Show
In An Imperfect Normal World.
Tina discusses paranormal programming, and has a proposal:
Which is why I propose that Syfy, National Geographic and the History Channel (and others like BRAVO, etc.,.) seriously consider doing a paranormal show with a mostly, if not all, female cast. And I'm not talking about your average formulaic paranormal show. It has to be something that's never been done before: A show for women, with women and about women from different professional backgrounds, investigating the oldest, weirdest, most paranormally significant places on Earth.

I'm for that! One of my dreams is to start my own paranormal UFO network. Hmmm...

A few years ago, I think on the Lifetime channel, there was a show about female abductees. Had a cheesy title, something like "I was abducted by aliens!" but it wasn't bad, despite the shaky camera stuff.

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