Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Reverse Speech

I was just thinking about Oates and the subject of reverse speech; how Oates used to be on C2C all the time, and the whole area of reverse speech. I think Oates and Art Bell, maybe it was another C2C host, had a falling out some time ago. I don't think Oates has been on C2C for some time. Anyway, have been thinking about this fascinating topic lately for some reason, and how, in my opinion, it's still ignored.In a bit of synchronicity, I find this link on Rense.com, linking to an interview with Oates and Rense about reversals regarding ET. (Years ago the two major competing AM stations in Eugene carried, respectively, C2C and Rense at the same time. The station carrying Rense dropped him; thankfully I still get my Fortean fix from KPNW in Eugene, which carries C2C, even though, unfortunately, they air the show beginning with the second hour, because we all know how important and wise Lars Larson is, which precedes C2C in our area.)

Some of you know what I think about Rense, but he's just the vehicle.  Still an interesting segment.

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