Thursday, July 7, 2011

Opening Up, Synchronicity

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Are moments of synchronicity signals to us that "they" heard us and are responding? ("They" being whatever force, symbol, deity, entity, energy you care to put on it. )

A big issue for me is distraction. Putting a label on it, like AADD helps in one sense; it's not "just me" and I'm not a big stupid lazy flake. Others may think so, and I don't blame them, but for myself (and a bit ironically) that acknowledgement of my life long struggle with things has actully helped me to focus. Acknowledged, named, owned, I now move on. It's not an excuse; in fact, since I've been dealing with this in various ways I've become less distracted. I look at it, say "screw off, AADD," and fight the good fight.

I'm going on about this because my path has been one of distraction. (I suppose "all who wander aren't lost" is a good motto to keep things positive.) So the past couple of weeks I, once again, have been focusing on meditating and the work in psychic/intuitive areas, including the use of oracles. Each time I go back to this work, immediate results come in, from OOBEs to precognition...the gates have opened, and a rush of energy comes through.

I used to wonder why moments of synchronicity are often trivial. Someone once told me that the fact they happen at all is far from trivial. Forget the message, that's just a nudge to get your attention. If the moments of synchronicity were hugely enlightening every time then we'd explode from all that brilliance.

So lately since I've been meditating and working once again with stones, particularly amethyst, I've been experiencing synchronicity. Most are too trivial to mention. But here are two examples: yesterday as as I was working in the garden, I found myself thinking of the actress Dorothy McGuire. What movies was she in, whatever happened to her, etc. I wondered why my chattering mind was suddenly focusing on Dorothy McGuire but there it was. And after a hard day of working in the yard, I turn on the TV later that night to find that The Spiral Staircase, starring Dorothy McGuire, was just about to start on TMC.

This morning, as I'm sweeping the living room floor, I see a huge disgusting and scary insect crawling over a book. (I admit that it was "disgusting" because I was scared.)  I don't know what it was exactly, at first I thought it was a cricket. Then maybe a wasp of some kind. I'm still not sure; I wasn't about to get a close look. I don't like killing things and will often take creatures out of the house, and I'm not one of those yahoos that stomp on bugs just because you can. But I did this morning. That bug was huge, ugly and creepy. It actually frightened me.

Finished with sweeping, I settle in to read the morning paper, starting with the comics. (The horrors of the day can wait two minutes.) I turn to one of my favorite comics, Mutts, and see this:
Mutts Comic by Patrick McDonnell,

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